What if you don’t eat sugar for a month – you’ll be shocked!

Do you want to lose weight? Then start by removing the sugar: this is what happens if you don’t eat it anymore. The reaction is incredible!

What happens if you no longer eat sugar-Political24

How many times have we been careful about the sugars, fats and calories ingested? All this, for what? To lose weight. And maybe we didn’t even know it, but eliminating sugars from your diet does not only allow you to lose weight, it rather brings various benefits in terms of health and mind. Let’s find out below.

If you don’t eat sugar anymore, you lose weight!

It’s true: the first positive side effect of not eating more sugar is weight loss. In fact, when we tend to eat more sweets, we block the satiety hormone, the leptin, thus preventing us from feeling full and satisfied with our meal. If, on the other hand, we reduce the intake of sugars, our body will get used to a more regular feeling of hunger and therefore will reduce the number of “allowed” calories ingested.

It’s good for the skin

Sugar causes a process called glycation which leads to visual damage to the skin and leading to appearance of wrinkles, marks, blemishes and imperfections. But not only that: the skin is also drier and duller. On the contrary, by reducing the intake, you notice from the first days a better, brighter, more hydrated and less greasy skin.

It gives more energy

How does the absence of sugar provide more energy? Thus: ingesting it, and even in excessive quantities, causes tiredness, fatigue and sleepiness. Energy, on the other hand, is given by nutritious foods, also based on carbohydrates, but which do not lead to high glycemic peaks.

What happens if you no longer eat sugar-Political24

It’s good for the mood

Another question that may seem inappropriate: how does it make you feel good about not eating sugar or sweets anymore? It is usually just the opposite. Chocolate, a piece of cake or a biscuit they give relief, comfort and improve mood. This is true and science says it, but it also says that excessive consumption leads to the exact opposite. Instead of helping and calming those who suffer from anxiety or are sad, for example, it widens the symptoms.

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Improve health

Finally, if you do not eat more sugar for a while, you will notice the positive effects and benefits on the whole organism. This will in fact feel lighter, healthier, fitter and even cleaner. Sugar promotes the formation and feeding of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Eliminating it from our diet would allow us to keep the immune system stronger.

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