Legnano will have a new gym, the former Casa del Balilla returns to the Municipality

The last technical and bureaucratic steps are missing (including the approval in the city council) but after almost twenty years the Municipality of Legnano will finally be able to close the program agreement with the Metropolitan City (former Province) to restore order to the property and surface rights of the city’s school facilities.

“We worked to reach an agreement and close a complex game, passed several times in the city council but without results – announced Mayor Lorenzo Radice at a press conference -, an agreement that allows the Municipality not to sell its historic school buildings, Dell’Acqua, Bernocchi, e Medea school, of which he will continue to be the owner and of which the Metropolitan City will continue to be the manager and take care of the maintenance. The other result concerns ownership of the ex Gil building in via Milano, better known as the former home of the Balilla, which returns to the hands of the Municipality: in this case the local authority will also take care of the management and maintenance of the building with the aim of to equip the city with an extra sports facility ».

The redevelopment of the former Gil building was included in the Quality of Living call, the outcome of which is expected, which also provides for an intervention related to social housing in the building. But even if Legnano should not be among the municipalities benefiting from the funding, the mayor assured that “the municipal administration will be ready to budget the necessary funds to give back to the city a small but important and significant sports facility for our sports clubs, carrying forward the goal to regenerate pieces of the city ». The gym on the ground floor of the former Gil, as explained in the press conference, it will be for the exclusive use of the owner, or of the Municipality, even during school hours.

Call for the quality of living, Legnano aims to refurbish the former Casa del Balilla

The former Medea school it remains instead for the use of the Metropolitan City which has already carried out important renovations inside (today it houses the Bernocchi mechanics workshops), with the constraint requested by the Municipality to keep the destination for school use.

Here is the school of doing, the mechanics workshops inaugurated in the former Medea

Another important game is played in the ex Cantù, returned in 2015 to the Municipality, whose redevelopment works are in the pipeline: the school for adults (CPIA) and Ualz will be located here.

Former Cantù schools, redevelopment entrusted to a company from Legnano

As for the extraordinary maintenance that it needs in particular the Bernocchi Institute, whose historical wing is in precarious conditions, the works will be detailed in the final phase of the agreement by the Metropolitan City: “The body that has already carried out various interventions in the past – explained the councilor for the budget, Alberto Garbarino, will undertake to continue with the most necessary extraordinary maintenance works”.

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