Ulss7-Asiago. Enhanced services and dialysis for visitors, ‘Tourist Medicine’ opens

The Asiago plateau is preparing for the tourist season with an innovative and strategic medical plan.

The Tourist Medicine service opens in all the municipalities of the plateau, with dialysis service for visitors who need it and free access tampons. Furthermore, from Tuesday 8 June, the anti-covid vaccination of 300 tour operators will be carried out.

The Plateau is preparing for the tourist season and Ulss7 Pedemontana is also ready to do its part in this great collective effort, with health care tailored to the peaks of presences foreseen in particular for the months of July and August. For this reason, a series of services will be enhanced, with the aim of providing prompt and effective responses to a number of users who, like every year in the summer, will be significantly higher than the resident population.

“The welcoming capacity of a territory with a strong tourist vocation such as that of the Plateau also depends on our ability to offer visitors adequate health services in case of need – underlined the director general of Ulss7 Pedemontana Carlo Bramezza – We are aware that this tourist season will be particularly important, both for tour operators who are only now starting to work at full capacity, and for citizens, who after so many difficult months deserve a period of rest and leisure. For this reason, this year we have dedicated particular attention to the offer of health services aimed at tourists: this is also a way to respond to the needs of the territory of the Plateau, starting with the vaccination of tour operators, which we will carry out tomorrow, therefore. well ahead of the months of July and August when the influx of visitors will be maximum “.

The Tourist Medicine service

From 1 July a Tourist Medicine service will be active, dedicated to vacationers, with clinics present in a capillary way and a wide hourly coverage: in Asiago in via Monte Sisemol 2, in Gallio in via Ech 104, in Roana in via Sartori 23, in Cesuna di Roana in via Magnaboschi 41, in Lusiana in viale Europa 13, in Conco in via Poli 1 and in Enego in via Cappellari 100.

The details with the hours of activity and telephone numbers will be available in pharmacies, municipal offices and counters for tourists, as well as on the Ulss7 Pedemontana website.

Furthermore, in the evening and on the days before holidays and holidays, the Continuity Assistance Service call center will still be available, at the telephone number (one for all locations) 0424 888000, from Monday to Friday from 8 pm to 8 am, on Saturdays and before holidays from 10 to 20 and on Sundays and holidays from 8 to 20.

For information on the Tourist Medicine service, however, it is possible to contact the telephone number 0424 604414, from Monday to Friday 8.30 to 12.

Dialysis service for tourists

In the Asiago hospital, during the summer months, the Dialysis Service will also be strengthened. In fact, there will be the possibility of increasing the number of scheduled sessions, up to 18 more every week, so as to guarantee the necessary therapeutic continuity even for patients on hemodialysis who will go on holiday to the Plateau. A very important service used on average by about fifteen patients every year. The Service can be used upon reservation by contacting the Asiago Dialysis Center well in advance, to allow the transmission and verification of the necessary medical documentation of patients.

Enhancement of Radiology, Emergency Department already enhanced

Also at the Asiago hospital, during the high season the activity of Radiology will also be strengthened, especially to cope with a possible increase in requests following trauma (for road accidents, during excursions or in any other circumstance). For this purpose, a radiology specialist will be present from 25 July to 22 August even on holidays.

For the First Aid activity, on the other hand, the staff now provides the continuous presence of a second doctor, 24 hours a day. The presence of this figure allows the medicalization of the ambulance and increases the safety of the entire hospital, both for the management of emergencies and for secondary transfers.

Furthermore, from the end of July, with the reopening of the birth point, the night guard of the anesthetist who will be present 24 hours a day in the hospital will be restored.

Buffer point for tourists

With regard to the management of the pandemic, please note that the buffer point at the Asiago hospital operates without the need for a reservation, in order to simplify access in case of need even by non-residents, who may not know the references to make the reservation. To access it, from 7.00 to 13.00 every day (including holidays), the referral issued – in the case of tourists – by the operators of Tourist Medicine in case of suspected symptoms is sufficient.

Vaccination for healthcare professionals

In the fight against Covid, however, the most effective weapon is naturally the vaccine, which is also decisive for minimizing the risk of contagion in holiday resorts. For this reason, according to the directives of the Veneto Region, the ULSS 7 Pedemontana has also organized some sessions for the anti-Covid vaccination dedicated exclusively to tour operators, who can therefore already book themselves on the regional portal following the instructions, then presenting themselves at the point of vaccination with relative self-declaration (the form is available on the ULSS 7 Pedemontana website). For the tourist operators of the Plateau, in particular, a vaccination session with 300 seats reserved for them is already scheduled for tomorrow, at the Roana vaccination point.

The new 64-layer tac

The presentation of the initiatives to upgrade health services in anticipation of the tourist season was also an opportunity to show the new 64-layer CT scan just installed in the new Asiago hospital, which will be operational from next week.

The equipment, worth about 500 thousand euros, represents a significant leap in quality compared to that previously supplied in the old hospital: in fact, it allows a much faster acquisition of images, with a reduction of about 30% in the dose of the medium. contrast needed. Above all, it will allow Asiago to carry out sophisticated diagnostic investigations for which it was previously necessary for the patient to go – or be transported – to the Bassano hospital, in particular for studies on the heart and cardiovascular system. Thanks to the new CT scan, it will also be possible to install the Rapid software at the Asiago hospital, which drastically reduces the time for stroke diagnosis, thus greatly increasing the patient’s chances of survival.

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