Sport, balance, stability: pay attention to dental occlusion

Sport, balance, stability: pay attention to dental occlusion
Sport, balance, stability: pay attention to dental occlusion

Have you ever considered that cervical problems, balance problems, headaches can depend on the teeth? Malocclusion is an important cause, it can affect the dynamics of the movement. The expert explains why

It is often said that to get good results in sport you need to train consistently and grit your teeth. ”This saying actually reveals a correct correlation between athletic performance and oral health – explains Stefano Speroni, dentist at Humanitas Medical care in Milan -. A study conducted by the Department of Physiology of the University of Barcelona in Spain together with the University of Innsbruck in Austria showed that excellent postural control is essential for improving the physical performance of athletes. There body stability during motor activities it depends on different physiological systems. Studies on the flu dental occlusion, or the correct alignment between the dental arches, on the balance of the body, suggest that this relationship is strengthened by elements or environments: they create instability and cause the loss of control over the balance. In addition, dental occlusion can affect the tone of both chewing and postural muscles, involved in maintaining balance”.

Dental occlusion and posture are closely linked –

“An incorrect occlusion of teeth and jaw negatively affects the posture of the individual and his balance. A malocclusion problem can affect the whole dynamics of the movement. The human body is a perfect machine: if any part of the body fails, the performance of the whole organism can be compromised. Malocclusion it can also be the origin of some of the most common disorders such as back pain or cervical problems: in addition to pain in the acute phases, it can cause nausea, dizziness, headache and headaches. The apparatus stomatognathic, that is, the set of bones, joints and muscles of the mouth, is complex: the alterations of this balance can affect the mandibular position regardless of whether they are caused by occlusion, muscular disorders, temporomandibular dysfunctions. And they can affect neck muscles and posture ”. Instrumental analysis of the function of the whole apparatus, is of great help if you want to perform an anatomical and functional rehabilitation. Thanks to computerized instruments that analyze the mandibular movements e ai kiniesiografi and electromyographs that establish the electrical activity of the masticatory muscles, it is possible to formulate correct diagnoses on the stability and good functioning of the stomatognathic system “.

The importance of not underestimating a problem of malocclusion –

It is very evident in swallowing, an involuntary act that occurs with the mouth closed: during this activity the two dental arches have the greatest number of points of contact. Just one simple filling not perfectly aligned to put the whole apparatus out of balance. The problem of malocclusion is immediately perceived at the level of the cerebellum, where the muscular memories reside, which for a certain period of time responds by implementing compensatory mechanisms. This situation worsens with the passage of time: the chewing muscles, which have a supporting function of the cervical spine, in an attempt to compensate will begin cause pain. A doctor can also diagnose a malocclusion problem thanks to diagnostic means such as stabilometric platform which allows you to carry out a careful examination of posture and detect all anomalies. Taking care of oral health can make all the difference when it comes to improve athletic performance: whether we are talking about professionals or amateur sports to keep fit, we must never neglect the well-being of a smile to perfect posture and obtain positive results in training “.

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Sport balance stability pay attention dental occlusion

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