Fight against Alzheimer’s, the first drug arrives. Burioni rejoices

The first drug capable of fighting Alzheimer’s disease has been approved in the United States

After twenty years of unsuccessful scientific research on the fight against Alzhaimer’s disease, the US FDA has approved the first drug able to counteract the mechanism of the disease, Aducanumab. A novelty welcomed by Roberto Burioni, which on social media talks about a “historic day”.

It is the first treatment that specifically affects the contrast to the degenerative process of the disease and that is not limited to attacking the symptoms of dementia. A result that in recent years has emerged as the ‘holy grail’ of medicine.

However, we cannot yet speak of a turning point as the one decided by the American regulatory body is a conditional green light which was decided despite opposition from the agency’s independent panel of experts, according to which there is not enough evidence to prove the drug’s effectiveness.

The FDA admitted that the studies submitted by the company that developed it – Biogen – did not provide complete evidence of efficacy. For this the pharmaceutical company will have to conduct a new clinical study. If this fails to prove the molecule’s effectiveness, the agency will revoke the approval.

Therapy consists of one intravenous injection of Aducanumab per month and should slow down the cognitive decline of patients which are in the early stage of the disease.

“And the first drug after twenty years that it seems to be able to help the sick, but it will not be for all people affected by Alzheimer’s, ”Paolo Maria Rossini, director of the Department of neuroscience-neurorehabilitation at Irccs San Raffaele Rome, told ANSA.

“This new drug – he explained – is the first able to interfere with one of the many ‘killers’, the beta-amyloid protein but as far as I remember it has potential side effects such as cerebral microhemorrhages”.

“Who will do it – he added – (I estimate in Italy about 100 thousand candidal patients if the Ema and Aifa are okay) will have to undergo magnetic resonances and have documented the presence of the beta-amyloid protein”.

Virgil News | 07-06-2021 20:40

Photo source: ANSA


Fight Alzheimers drug arrives Burioni rejoices

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