fire at the municipal gym of Villalba

fire at the municipal gym of Villalba
fire at the municipal gym of Villalba

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06 June 2021 14:28

Municipal gym on fire in Villalba, in the Municipality of Guidonia Montecelio. The fire affected the disused structure of the municipality of Città dell’Aria. The request for intervention at 112 around 1:00 in the night. The firefighters then intervened and put out the fire after about an hour. The causes on which the agents of the San Basilio Police Commissioner who intervened on the spot are carrying out the investigations are to be ascertained.

The fire found the sentence of the Mayor Michel Barbet: “Unfortunately, this is not the first time that similar incidents have occurred, caused by vandals and criminals who have no respect for the territory and who strongly condemn. I hope it is a coincidence, but just yesterday afternoon I was in Piazza Martiri delle Foibe for a beautiful initiative for the social growth of the territory, started by citizens and associations who love Villalba and who are the majority of those who live there, and today, however, we learn this very bad news “.

“As a Municipal Administration – concludes the Mayor of Guidonia Montecelio – we will file a complaint against unknown persons, but to protect the majority of citizens from these criminals, I will immediately ask the Prefect for greater control by the police, who will be assisted by the Local Police, in the Villalba area and in all critical points of our city “.


fire municipal gym Villalba

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