Martina Franca: from tomorrow “open-air gym”

Below is a press release issued by the Municipality of Martina Franca:

The project starts next Monday, June 7:“Martina Franca: open-air gym!”.

Strongly desired by the municipal administration, it will see the participation of seventeen sports clubs of Martina who have joined the expression of interest and will be able to use, free of charge, the municipal green spaces and areas in the months of June, July and August, to play sports. ‘open air.

This morning, in the playground of Villa Carmine there was the official presentation in the presence of the participating companies, the Mayor Franco Ancona and the Councilors Tiziana Schiavone, Valentina Lenoci and Gianfranco Palmisano.

The sports associations that will take advantage of that possibility are Martina Academy, Atletico Martina, Red Boys, Futura Martina, Valle d’Itria Academy, Asd San Paolo (football) Polisportiva Basket and Martinese Basket School (basketball) and then Table Tennis Olimpia Martina, Armonie d’Itria, Welness Project, Arci Martina, Chan Si Gong, Alegria, Tyche, Oljmpionica and La Palestra.

In detail, the public spaces that will be “adopted” by the companies are: Ortolini Park, Villa Carmine, Villa Leone XIII, “Angelo Fasano” Cupa sports field, the atrium of the school complex of the Giuseppe Battaglini school, belonging to the Comprehensive Institute ” AR Chiarelli ”, Piazza Fratelli Motolese / Red Factory.

To use the Cupa sports field, it will be necessary to wait until the first days of July, because we are awaiting the installation of the protections on the sides of the field and the final test.

The sports activities of the associations will take place from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00, until next August 31st.

Just a few weeks ago, this project seemed like a mirage, given the pandemic situation and the limited time available.

From Monday, however, we start with “Martina Franca: outdoor gym!” which for us symbolically represents a Sports Festival that lasts all summer! “- says the Councilor for Sport Tiziana Schiavone.

Heartfelt thanks to the seventeen sports clubs that have joined the project. We are convinced that doing sport in public places can be, why not, a way to communicate and make your activities better known even to those who practice sport less. Our sports clubs carry out a fundamental educational and social work and their activity deserves to be known as much as possible.

We want summer 2021 to be a restart time for sport and also for social and human relationships.

“The municipal administration is committed to enhancing our public spaces as much as possible, with particular attention to green areas” – underlines the Mayor Franco Ancona.

Public places belong to citizens who, even with this initiative, are re-appropriating them.

Only when citizens have the opportunity to frequent the spaces, the latter are truly valued and not vandalized. “




cheerful Italy



cheerful Italy

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