Olbia, a gym to train children’s minds: the project

The project of the Sas Janas association of Olbia.

Train and stimulate brain skills through a series of games and other fun playful activities. The cultural association Sas Janas diOlbia, in collaboration with So for fun, promotes a new educational project, entitled Gym Train Mind, aimed at primary school children.

From 7 to 11 June the Comprehensive Institute of Olbia will host, in its open space, numerous play stations designed to promote active participation and above all for stimulate the capabilities of the brain, such as memory, logic, observation and concentration. That of the cultural association Sas Janas, chaired by Claudia Pirina, is a project financed by the municipal Youth policies, led by Sabrina Serra. The event to be held in the institute directed by Simona Maria Murgia is organized in full compliance with the anti-regulations Covid-19.

How does it work.

The AllenaMente Gym was born with the idea of ​​transforming the pages of the libro Allenamente, written by playwrights Carlo Carzan and Sonia Scalco. The goal is to create continuity between play, reading, physical experience and active participation. The AllenaMente Gym, which Sas Janas will set up outside the Comprehensive Institute, will be composed of 15 workstations. Each station will then be formed by a presentation panel with the description of the rules, from a horizontal mat to define the training space and finally from the actual game. Thanks to the Gym Train the participants, of the primary in via Vicenza and Maria Rocca, will thus be able to learn the modalities and techniques of lateral thinking and also explore new ways of thinking and reasoning, always through the tool of the game.

In the autumn of 2019 the Sas Janas association had already set up the AllenaMente Gym inside the Expo Olbia building, in via Porto Romano, on the occasion of an event dedicated to the figure of Leonardo da Vinci. The initiative, which had been included in the calendar of Christmas events of the Municipality of Olbia, had involved 1200 people in everything, between families and school children.

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Olbia gym train childrens minds project

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