Food supplement recalled | alert from the Ministry of Health

The alert is triggered for the presence of an urgently recalled dietary supplement. The sale takes place via the web, it should not be consumed.

Diabetyn dietary supplement called Photos from the web

A food supplement ends up under accusation for the presence of a toxic substance very dangerous for the health of consumers. To make it known is the Ministry of Health after a solicitation from RASFF.

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The European Rapid Alert System for the Safety of Food and Feed had identified the presence of this contaminated food supplement and immediately recalled it from the usual circuit in which it is placed on the market.

This article is produced in Slovenia and is also sold in Italy. This is the Diabetyn supplement, made by Sensilab doo The reason for the recall is to be found in the presence of ethylene oxide, found in one of the raw materials used for the production of this article.

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Food supplement, information to know: it should not be consumed

The product reported by RASFF and the Ministry of Health is prescribed to regulate the functioning of carbohydrate metabolism and to keep the general level of glycaemia under control.

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The sale of this dietary supplement takes place exclusively via free, as it turns out. In addition to Italy, there are several other countries in which it is placed. below are the sensitive data disclosed on the official website of the Ministry of Health:

  • SENSILAB Diabetyn, 60 capsule
  • Lotto: 2100309
  • Expiry date: March 31, 2023
  • Ljubljana-based manufacturer Sensilab, Verovskova 55a, posted the consumer recall on its website.

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To all those who have eventually ordered and received this product, the invitation is not to consume it, as it could significantly harm your health.

Food supplement called Photos from the web


Food supplement recalled alert Ministry Health

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