how to raise it, values, symptoms and remedies

how to raise it, values, symptoms and remedies
how to raise it, values, symptoms and remedies

The advice of Dr. Flavio Doni, cardiologist in charge of the Marathon Center at Palazzo della Salute – Wellness Clinic in Milan and marathon runner

Not just high blood pressure or hypertension: there are also those who suffer from low blood pressure or hypotension. A condition that, on a non-pathological level, can affect especially in estate, due to high temperatures and excessive sweating, and which mainly affects the young women, but not only. “A condition of hypotension or low blood pressure occurs when they are there few liquids in the vascular system, either because you sweat a lot or because you drink little, or both circumstances ”, explains Dr. Flavio Doni, cardiologist in charge of the Marathon Center at Palazzo della Salute – Wellness Clinic in Milan and marathon runner, to Gazzetta Active.

Low blood pressure: the values ​​-

First of all, however, let’s clarify what the values for which we can speak of low blood pressure or hypotension: “If you normally have 130-140 mm of mercury at maximum pressure and you find yourself at 100 you will feel the symptoms ofhypotension. But if a person is steadily on 100 mm of mercury he becomes symptomatic only if it drops to 85-90 mm of maximum. This is because our body has a great ability to get used to everything. For a hypertensive person who usually has 180-100 as values, going down to 140-80 can cause unpleasant sensations because his body is not used to it. This demonstrates that the symptoms of hypotension are very subjective ”, emphasizes Dr. Doni.

Low blood pressure: symptoms –

But what are the low blood pressure symptoms? “Who suffers from hypotension you feel a feeling of tiredness, dizziness, especially if you get up from a sitting or lying position, but also nausea, dizziness and sometimes even fainting ”, explains Dr. Doni. “In general, however, the symptoms of hypotension are often subjective. Certainly there are some factors that favor it, such as the heat, which leads to vasodilation, and in general the loss of fluids, but also hormonal situations: a poorly functioning thyroid or an adrenal that has problems and low cortisol levels can lead to hypotension ”. Overall, however, usually hypotension, unlike hypertension, is not a sign of serious situations: “If it persists, which can happen in young women, it is better to go for hormone tests, but it is unlikely that it is heart problems. In the case, however, of older assumptions you may have a heart with a very low rate due to a dysfunction of the heart regulation systems. In this case, a pacemaker may be needed ”, explains the cardiologist. In the women it should also be remembered that a situation of low blood pressure can also be induced by period: “Women have a considerable loss of fluids in the form of blood every month, and the lack of fluids, rather than iron, can lead to a lowering of blood pressure”, recalls Doni.

Low blood pressure: the causes –

As we have seen, therefore, the causes of hypotension can be hormonal o legate alla fluid loss. “In the elderly, in particular, there may be a situation in which one sweats without realizing it and drinks little, because one does not feel the stimulus of thirst. In young women, on the other hand, there may be hypotension linked to a vascular tree that tends to vasodilate. This condition occurs especially in summer: the heat, in fact, leads to vasodilation, which is the way in which our body disperses heat, as through the sweating. Vasodilation, in fact, allows the blood to reach the peripheral areas of our body where, in contact with the skin, it leads to cooling ”, explains Dr. Doni.

Low blood pressure: how to raise it –

Unlike high blood pressure, in the case of low blood pressure there are also natural remedies to raise it, starting from diet. “I vasoconstrictor drugs they are used only in extreme situations. Normally one tries to act on the mass of liquids introduced. We retain water through the sale, so if we eat salt, our body immediately retains water. For this reason, if a person has a constitutional, non-pathological hypotension, he can begin to correct it by eating more salty, perhaps even simply a half sandwich with a anchovy, and drinking accordingly. Then there are some substances that naturally have a vasoconstrictive action, such as tea or coffee, which also increase the heart rate a little. A similar argument concerns the licorice, which increases pressure by acting on the balance of liquids, favoring the body’s retention of sodium and water ”, concludes Doni.

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