Breast cancer and osteoporosis: what’s the relationship?

The link between breast cancer and osteoporosis is still little considered by women affected by the oncological pathology, although 87% are aware of the fact that bone fragility is a possible consequence of aromatase inhibitor therapy.

The therapy of hormonal block, in fact, it induces a reduction of estrogen which, on the one hand, has effects positive on the breast, on the other hand, it greatly accelerates the process of bone destruction, greatly increasing the fracture risk of the patients.

Although informed, beyond the half of the patient group in hormone therapy interviewed by Then (National Observatory on Women’s Health), she fears it negative effects declaring themselves frightened even before any ineffectiveness of the anticancer treatment.

While acknowledging the importance of the role of the oncologist, whose information is correct in 99% of cases, 43% do not start any treatment to prevent bone pathology, with a percentage that even rises to 76% among the most Young people.

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Yet, it would be the latter a to risk a potentially greater impact than fractures, in terms social and of salute, notwithstanding, as the doctor Francesca Merzagora, President of Onda, breast cancer affects many today young women.

What if 4 out of 5 young people they never hired one specific therapy, even “60% of the women interviewed, under the age of 50, declare to never having had any exams to check the health of bones (MOC / ultrasound) after starting hormone therapy, ”he adds Merzagora.

Osteoporosis and breast cancer: some recommendations

Dai results, moreover, it emerges that the directives indicated in the recent National Guidelines both by AIOM (Italian Association of Medical Oncology) and by SIOMMMS (Italian Society of Osteoporosis, Mineral Metabolism and Skeletal Diseases) “are not yet apply, despite recommending the administration of the cure preventive in conjunction with the initiation of treatment with aromatase inhibitors “, concludes the president Onda.

In this regard, just think that the same Aifa recognized a risk of fracture so high as to justify the reimbursement gods medications for bone fragility since the beginning of antitumor therapyand, without the need for exams specific.

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