Vitamin B12: If you have these foot symptoms you may be deficient

Vitamin B12: If you have these foot symptoms you may be deficient
Vitamin B12: If you have these foot symptoms you may be deficient

It can happen, for example to those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet but also to the elderly, to be deficient in vitamin B12. If our body does not have the right quantities of this substance available, we may see several symptoms appear, some of which affect the feet.

We know that some foods in particular are rich in vitamin B12, it is mainly foods of animal origin, which is why vegans generally take supplements to compensate, thus avoiding a deficiency of this vitamin.

But how do you know if we are deficient in vitamin B12? There are a number of possible symptoms that we have already reported to you in a previous article (read also: Vitamin B12: what it is for and the consequences of a deficiency). And then there are some that concern the feet.

The Harvard Medical School stresses, for example, that a feeling of tingling in the feet it could be a sign of a vitamin B12 deficiency. This can occur because vitamin B12 is vital for the production of red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen around the body.

A lack of vitamin B12 will lead to abnormal development of red blood cells, and as less oxygen is able to reach the extremities of the body, such as the feet, a tingling sensation can occur.

Another possible indication of vitamin B12 deficiency is slow healing of wounds on the feet. The experts ofUniversity of Nottingham they made it known that:

“Vitamin B deficiency can affect wound healing in various ways.”

This is because the B vitamins are necessary for a healthy immune system, protein synthesis, DNA synthesis and, as already mentioned, the formation of red blood cells.

According to information published in the journal Clinical Medicine, vitamin B12 deficiency can cause numbness in the feet that can even lead to the inability to feel the ground. Other possible symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency appearing on the feet are also highlighted. These include: skin lesions and hyperpigmentation.

The Harvard Medical School remember that a vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to developing many other symptoms over time such as weakness, fatigue, memory loss and cognitive difficulties, swollen and inflamed tongue, anemia.

Of course, a blood test is needed to confirm the condition and, if so, the doctor will indicate a vitamin B12 supplement and recommend the right dosage to cope with the deficiency.

Fonti: Harvard Health / University of Nottingham

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