Health denied without doctors and machinery: in the square in Oristano –

Health denied without doctors and machinery: in the square in Oristano
On Saturday another protest against the dismantling of public health

A previous event promoted by the Committee for the right to health in Oristano

The citizens of Oristano and its province return to the streets on Saturday to express the discomfort caused by the progressive and inexorable dismantling of public health throughout the territory. The appointment is at 10 in Piazza Roma. The protest will go on until 12.

“The San Martino hospital these days is seeing a further reduction in services, which have already been lacking for some time. There is a lack of doctors, nurses, technicians, and other important figures, there is a lack of efficient machinery and devices, the analysis laboratory is left without reagents ”, explain the Committee for the right to health of the province of Oristano, which promotes the initiative. “There are very few anesthetists left, and soon not only the surgical activity, already severely limited, will be at risk, but that of the entire hospital”.

“The Emergency Department with the next retirement of two doctors risks closure, as well as Radiology, and to follow the other departments and services”, they continue. “The situation is very serious, but local and regional politics is silent or hiding behind a can not be done. Despite the thousands of commitments undertaken so far, he has never taken a serious measure, capable of plugging the leaks that opened. He found few extemporaneous and inadequate solutions, and he let the situation degenerate ”.

“Maybe we have reached a point of no return. Our right to health is compromised despite being enshrined in the Constitution ”, press the committee, which urges the mobilization of all citizens, health workers, mayors, trade unions and associations.

“The cry must be raised loudly, those responsible for the disaster must answer for their actions”, they conclude. “A passive and compliant attitude in the face of the collapse of our health care would make us guilty too”.

Thursday, June 3, 2021

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