The return of Razza in the role of councilor: here are the reactions

The return of Razza in the role of councilor: here are the reactions
The return of Razza in the role of councilor: here are the reactions

«Ihe return of Ruggero Razza at the helm of the regional health department is certainly good news, not surprisingly hoped for in recent weeks by trade unions and operators in the sector. This will allow, in fact, to complete the process of redevelopment and strengthening of the Sicilian Healthcare which since its establishment has already reached fundamental milestones, such as the new hospital network, thousands of recruitments and stabilizations, dozens of construction sites in hospitals and significant results in contrast to a terrible global emergency like the Coronavirus “. He states it Alessandro Aricò (in the photo), group leader of DiventeràBellissima at Ars.

It also intervenes Giusi Savarino, DB regional deputy: «The return of Ruggero Razza at the helm of Sicilian healthcare, requested not only by our parliamentary group, by our activists, but also by healthcare workers and trade unions is the best choice. In my opinion he should not have resigned, it was an excess of institutional education, carried out at a time when even the forcaioli cinquestelle say they regret having been executed. Now it will be necessary to manage both the pandemic and to plan the prospect of the hospital network and the post-Covid health system, and Ruggero also knows where the storage rooms in Sicilian hospitals are located ».

The president of the regional anti-mafia commission, Claudio Fava, affirms: «There were and are many reasons of opportunity that should have suggested to Musumeci not to proceed with deciding the return of Ruggero Razza at the helm of the Health Department. But the desire to bend Sicily’s interest to the political needs of the regional president prevailed over these obvious reasons. All this after leaving, in the hottest months of the vaccination campaign, the department and the regional car without a guide. On the eve of a new season of appointments, the only real glue of the regional government, Musumeci had to prove that he was still leading a coalition that in fact no longer exists, with a government that produces only the division of seats and not a single single act in the interest of the Sicilians “.

The regional secretary of PD Sicily, Anthony Barbagallo, underlines: «The Musumeci-Razza alla salute relay closes in the worst possible way on the day the Republic is celebrated: the dolphin is in fact back on the councilorship’s command deck, after weeks of whispers and skilfully orchestrated social campaigns. The Democratic Party has always been critical of Ruggero Razza’s management of healthcare in Sicily regardless of the judicial investigation in which he is involved and from which we wish him to come out unscathed ».

«There are dozens of parliamentary acts presented to denounce the inefficiencies of the health system in Sicily – continues Barbagallo – wanted by Razza, whose first mandate we also asked for no confidence. Our concerns were reinvigorated during the Musumeci interim. It’s just a question of power and seats: Sicily is sinking but with the return of Razza Musumeci he is happy, all the rest does not count ».


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