The company leaves the work, construction site stopped in the gym

The company leaves the work, construction site stopped in the gym
The company leaves the work, construction site stopped in the gym

VIADANA – Construction company in crisis, stop the construction of the gymnasiumDon Bosco Institute of Viadana. Construction work on the gymnasium of the city high school should resume in June, which had been stopped for a few weeks due to dthe economic difficulties of the construction company, the Elettrica Sistem of Cava dei Tirreni (Salerno) which had won the tender announced by the Province of Mantua.

And it is the provincial body itself, through its press office, to explain the procedure. «The company that is carrying out the work has informed us that it is experiencing economic difficulties and is unable to continue the activities of the yard. We will start the contract termination procedure and we will evaluate with the second classified in the tender if there is an interest on the part of the latter to take over. If yes, as rumors seem to be, work will be resumed in the current month ».

The construction of the structure was shipped and only in the final part (as you can see from the photo), there was the unexpected stop. The moment of difficulty linked to the pandemic in progress also put the Campania company in difficulty.
The construction of the gymnasium in Viadana was a story that caused a lot of discussion. It was in fact built in what was previously a football field that was used by groups of friends from the city for small matches and was cared for by some volunteers. The construction of the structure, however, will give breath to the other structures for the sporting activity of Viadana, also considering the fact that the building – that is the PalaFarina – has been out of use for more than 6 years.

The tender for the award of the works was issued by the Province in December 2018 and the tender was awarded in July 2019. In March 2019, 106 companies had been admitted to the tender. The Elettrica Sistem was the first to arrive, with a decrease of 26.342% for a total amount of one million, 80 thousand and 894.56 euros.

In second place was Edilsomma, another construction company from Campania, this time from Castellamare di Stabia (Naples), which had presented an auction discount of 25.839%. If the company agrees to take over, it will be the one who completes the construction and resumes the work on the site.

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