How to obtain the health card if you are awaiting the regularization response

How to obtain the health card if you are awaiting the regularization response
How to obtain the health card if you are awaiting the regularization response

I have applied for regularization and I do not have a health card. At the district they tell me that until I have a residence permit I cannot have it. How can I do to get it?

Rome, 2 June 2021 – Even if cases of refusal of the health card have been reported to people waiting for an answer to the regularization request, it is necessary to know that it is instead the right of foreign citizens, EU and non-EU citizens, to have health coverage also during the period ( often long) of the emergence procedure.

In fact, it was expressly clarified by the Ministry of Health, with a circular dated July 14, 2020 which can be viewed at the following link, that “emerging foreign citizens must have the right to compulsory health care”And that registration with the National Health Service (SSN) will start from the date of submission of the application for emergence, or for the issue of the temporary residence permit (in the second case of emergence).

A provisional card must therefore be issued by the competent health district with a duration up to the conclusion of the amnesty procedure, and therefore up to the issue of the residence permit for work (or awaiting employment in the cases provided for).

However, it is important to know that this card, unlike the EHIC (European health insurance card) also issued to regular foreign citizens, guarantees coverage only in Italy.

Therefore, only once the residence permit has been obtained will it be possible to request and obtain the EHIC, which instead gives the right to receive treatment under the same conditions as the patients in the other European countries in which you may be.

As for the documentation to be produced for the request for the health card, it will be necessary to present:

  • passport or equivalent document;
  • in the case of a request for a temporary permit, a copy of the residence permit expired before 31.10.2019;
  • receipt of the request for amnesty and tax code also assigned after the request of the revenue agency).

Article made for Foreigners in Italy by: Federica Merlo, lawyer

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