Do you want to lose weight permanently? The tricks to follow

Find out what are the tricks to put in place to lose weight effectively, lastingly and without the yo-yo effect.

With the arrival of summer, more and more people decide to go on a diet to lose a few extra pounds and feel ready for the famous costume fitting. What many don’t know is that many of the “last minute” diets they choose to do, help to deflate the tissues but not to lose weight.

To ensure that weight loss is effective and lasting over time (and therefore does not lead to the much hated yo-yo effect) it is necessary to implement some basic rules that should be followed forever. Rules that, among other things, are also optimal for health. The positive side? Almost you will not notice that you are on a diet and eating will be less stressful and certainly more enjoyable.

The basic rules for truly and lasting weight loss

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Let’s start by saying that to lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. This implies that in order to operate correctly it would be appropriate to get to know each other better and find out, first of all, how many calories are burned at rest (basal metabolic rate).

Once this is done, you can choose to reduce your calorie intake by 20% or 30% (depending on how much weight you need to lose) or (more correct choice) reduce this percentage and do physical activity. In this way you will continue to eat a good amount of calories and strain your muscles, thus increasing the basal metabolic rate. A process that is simpler than it seems and that can be followed correctly with the help of a nutritionist.

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But what to do if you want to lose weight to lose only a few pounds, or those that you continue to wear intermittently? Then it is important to learn to eat well and, above all, to implement tricks that can help cut calories almost without realizing it. So let’s find out what are the tricks to include in your diet.

Eat in a healthy and balanced way. The first thing to do is to start adding all the macro nutrients to the various meals or, at least, to the main meals. This means that breakfast, lunch and dinner should be made up of carbohydrates, lean proteins and good fats. In this way you will not go to raise blood sugars and you will be able to count on a more efficient metabolism ready to burn calories.

Drink lots of water. Often we don’t realize it but drinking also helps us not to constantly feel hungry. Especially in summer it happens that the sudden need for sugar or fruit is due to thirst. Some people, in fact, tend not to feel this stimulus and this leads to trying to quench their thirst through the water contained in food. By learning to drink properly and staying hydrated, then, resisting certain temptations will be much easier.

Avoid the wrong foods. It is now well known that there are foods that do more harm than good. And these include sugars, refined grains, foods rich in saturated fats, packaged foods and those that are too savory. Learning to eliminate or at least reduce the intake of these foods leads to deflating and losing weight. Furthermore, it is scientifically proven that after some abstinence you will lose that sort of addiction to certain flavors that often leads to eating them even when you are not really hungry.

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Always have breakfast. Breakfast is an indispensable meal to recharge your batteries and get your metabolism going. By doing it you are less hungry during the day, you are less likely to eat the wrong foods and you lose weight faster and longer. Obviously we are not talking about a breakfast based on brioche and cappuccino, but a healthy one that includes all the macro nutrients. Which will make it pleasant and certainly more satiating.

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Use spices instead of salt. Learning to use spices to reduce salt helps you lose weight and burn excess fat. And all while also avoiding water retention. Plus there are spices that really help you lose weight. An example are turmeric, pepper and chilli which, added to meals (better raw), help the body to work better.

Substitute the sugar. Often the craving for sweets is so strong that you can’t resist it. In these cases, a good choice is to replace the sugar with other ingredients. If you are preparing desserts, you can use the fruit itself to make them sweeter and even more delicious. In other cases, you can opt for less harmful sweeteners such as, for example, erythritol. In this way you will avoid raising blood sugars, stimulating the release of insulin and the consequent weight gain.

Dress only with extra virgin olive oil. Not everyone knows it but extra virgin olive oil is a real super food that among the many beneficial properties also boasts that of helping you lose weight. Of excellent flavor it turns out to be a valuable ingredient that is advisable to use to season practically everything. Obviously, its caloric contribution should not be forgotten. Which is why, as good as it is, it is important not to abuse it. Two or three tablespoons a day are considered the right amount to stay fit and healthy without gaining weight.

Starting to follow these rules helps you lose weight and feel fitter. The great thing is that the lost weight will not regain itself over time because it will be a real weight that has nothing to do with liquids or lean mass.

As always, if you lose a lot of kilos, the advice is to contact a nutritionist iin order to make sure that you can follow a diet that helps you lose weight while guaranteeing the intake of all the foods you need to live well.

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