reservations are underway –

reservations are underway –
reservations are underway –

Change in the race in vaccine reservations for young groups. From 11pm on Wednesday 2 June, all Lombards belonging to the 12-29 year old group will be able to book their injection. The Vice President of the Region and Councilor for Welfare, Letizia Moratti, makes it known: All those who have already turned 12 will be able to access the Post Office portal. As indicated by Aifa, the Pfizer vaccine will be administered to this target population. The beginning of the possibility to book from 11 pm (and not, as initially foreseen, from midnight, ed) motivated by the enlargement of the target to 12 years and not to 16 as previously envisaged. All over 12s will be vaccinated in the hubs like adults: children in the 12-17 age range must be accompanied by a guardian (who will have to sign the informed consent for vaccination). The recall date will be displayed at the time of booking.

In short, the way opens up for the under 30s, without specific dates in between, with the hope that with the portal that allows you to choose date, time and place (as opposed to just registration, as is still the case in Piedmont, for example), even graduates will have the opportunity to decide when to get vaccinated. We are absolutely confident that we can vaccinate them all within what may be the end of school and holiday start dates, said the vice president and councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti in recent days. 68% of the entire Lombard population has already joined the campaign and 46% has already received at least one dose.

Lombardy exceeded 6 million administrations on Monday: Moratti anticipated it on Twitter, specifying that 620,000 doses were administered in the last week, reaching an average of 90,000 per day. To date 57% of 30-39 year olds have booked, and 20% of this age group was vaccinated with the first dose. 67% of 40-year-olds took part, with 23% of this population having received the first injection. The adhesions of 50-year-olds rise to 79%, already vaccinated with the first dose at 41%. Among the 60-year-olds, 85% signed up and 79% have already received a dose (only 37% both). Finally, the over 80s: 96% signed up, 95% received one dose, 89% both.

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