“Razza return to the helm of the Health Department”

PALERMO. Ruggero Razza return to the head of the Department of Health. This is the appeal launched to Nello Musumeci by CISL MEDICI, UIL FP MEDICI, ANAAO ASSOMED ed AAROI EMAC, with a document signed by the regional secretaries: «Never like this one very delicate phase of Health we believe that the resumption of dialogue with a “full-time” councilor is crucial, an important element for the purposes of the results to be achieved and which would allow us to continue working with the same interlocutor with whom we have so far confronted, to prefigure and trace a path of system innovation, largely shared, but still in the phase of consultation and definition “, underline the trade unions, asking the governor” to restore stability and continuity to the Health Department, returning to the consultation an interlocutor of whom, despite the differences that sometimes occurred, but always with the utmost respect for the roles, we appreciated the openness to dialogue with the Social Partners and Project Vision ».

The unions point out: “The current epidemiological condition, thanks to the commitment of all the hospital and territorial health components and the responsible behavior of most Sicilians, but above all by virtue of a vaccination campaign supported by the commitment of the Commissarial Structures that the councilor Razza has activated and the tireless work of the multitude of doctors and nurses recruited by the Government, it would seem to evolve favorably. This undoubtedly proves that the system, despite the enormous pressures it has been subjected to, has responded positively by ensuring care for patients in hospitals, operating in the territories through the USCA, guaranteeing vaccinations for citizens ”.

«It is the conviction of the writers OO.SS. than the current decrease in pandemic pressure is realizing a favorable condition that we should use, to activate a phase of implementation and improvement of the System very quickly, starting from the things carried out (Hospital Network) and to continue with ongoing projects, such as the construction of new Structures and the strengthening of Territorial Medicine. By virtue of this need, we ask you to work to reactivate and relaunch the consultation with the trade union, unfortunately slowed down by the pandemic emergency, accelerating the resumption of a confrontation already undertaken in recent months, aimed at the shared elaboration of a path to optimize organizational structures. territorial and hospital of the SSR. An overall one remodeling of the System in this sense it was already in progress and was developing through a positive dialogue with the Department. Therefore, in our opinion it is necessary to restart the dialogue from where we were forced to stop ».

The signatories of the appeal add: «It would in fact be a mistake to frustrate the work already started, above all because the time factor is certainly not an indifferent variable in the presence of Health Emergencies. The union feels the urgency and responsibility to reactivate the discussion with the Department as soon as possible, evaluating the need for the continuity of the project to be guaranteed ”.


Razza return helm Health Department

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