remote monitoring of complex patients is launched

The regional Telemedicine project is underway in the Health Homes of Rocca San Casciano, Modigliana and Predappio in the Forlì District. Complex patients suffering from chronic diseases (diabetes, heart failure and BPCO, i.e. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), in the context of being taken over by the General Practitioner and the Nurse of the Chronicity Outpatient Clinic and was preceded by specific training of all the professionals involved.

“Each patient recruited into the initiative is provided with a kit that allows the measurement of weight, heart rate, pressure, oxygen saturation level and motor activity level – explains Laura Tedaldi, organizational manager of the health houses in the Forlì district -. The collected data is sent by the patient himself, according to a schedule (Individualized Care Plan) shared with the team of the reference Casa della Salute, to a monitoring center, using special software provided by the Region.

“The nurse will check the data received and will contact the General Practitioner and the patient if further information is required”, concludes Tedaldi. “Once the initial experimentation has been completed – informs Stefano Boni, director of the Forlì district – up to fifteen patients can be monitored for each Health Center”.


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