An Easter cruise in the Mediterranean: “So let’s go to the gym”

An Easter cruise in the Mediterranean: “So let’s go to the gym”
An Easter cruise in the Mediterranean: “So let’s go to the gym”

Escape from covid restrictions and anxiety, the Romans set sail for the blue zone cruise. The cruise ship MSC with 2,000 passengers on board left the port of Civitavecchia yesterday afternoon, traveling towards a 7-day itinerary with strong national colors. In fact, the only foreign stop is that of Malta, which diversifies the stops with respect to the airports of Naples, Cagliari and Genoa. The Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility Teresa Bellanova also baptized the journey among the waves of the Mediterranean during the week of Easter, on a visit to experience first-hand the measures taken in terms of safety by the shipping company.

The Civitavecchia Port, however, represents the strategic hub for the embarkation of many tourists arriving from Rome and its surroundings. Many families, the predominant target for this type of holiday, but also some young couples, ready to seize the moment and escape from the looming red zone. Alessandro lives with his wife in Trastevere and is the father of two girls. The decisive push for the choice of the covid-free cruise is clear. «The spring was the certainty of being safe for the whole holiday. The tests before and after boarding, all the protocols we have seen give us a certain peace of mind. That’s why we decided to leave ». In fact, the provisions and screening put in place are really effective.

You arrive with a swab already performed for at least 48 hours, another one is done before entering the ship in the drive-in set up in the Terminal, then replicated during the cruise. In line to check-in, before carrying out the antigen test, there is Gianluca, a young Roman on vacation with his parents, who since yesterday was able to return to his old passions. “I’m finally going to the gym, the fitness area. It sounds like a joke, but for me it’s kind of an achievement since I couldn’t go there for at least four months. Without forgetting other entertainment, such as live shows or the swimming pool. In short, there is an air of normality, even if I know very well that all the rules must still be respected ».

Which means safety spacings and masks to wear on board. No cheats are allowed on that. As for those who are already vaccinated. A tourist arrives at the Terminal and asks if he should swab, since he was already given a dose a few weeks ago. Test obviously necessary. Another family, husband and wife with children in tow, arrives from the Eur district with the hope of enjoying a week of relaxation, detaching from the restlessness of the pandemic routine. “Usually in this period we planned a vacation to go to Sardinia or abroad. There are still no certainties today, so the alternative of a cruise to leave the red zone seemed to us an optimal solution ». The number of passengers has grown significantly in recent days, a sign that many have decided to book last minute. From August last year to date, the company has hosted more than 50,000 passengers. Which now also have an extra electronic tool to defend themselves. We are talking about a bracelet that signals the people with whom you have been in contact for more than 10 minutes.

In case of positivity found during the trip, the infected person’s quarantine and fiduciary isolation are triggered for those who have been in close contact with him. Inside the ship, an emergency room was equipped, equipped with tools for diagnosing covid-19, fans and with the presence of qualified medical personnel. From the capital we leave for the dream of an Easter and an Easter Monday in the blue area, but there are also those who, coming from northern Italy for example, cannot resist the temptation to make a trip to Rome. “We took advantage of the opportunity to take a guided excursion, says Paolo, a thirty-year-old who embarked in Genoa with his partner -. The cruise? After a year of closures, a holiday is just what we needed. We will recharge our energies in such a difficult moment ».

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