Fast walking reduces brain aging

Fast walking reduces brain aging
Fast walking reduces brain aging

Walking helps keep the brain young by limiting the damage caused by aging: exercises and foods for well-being.

Walking briskly helps fight aging brain. According to the results obtained by the researchers of the University of Texas, those who walked often showed higher scores on cognitive tests and fewer episodes of memory loss. In addition, blood flow within the brain organ was also improved.

As reported on National Library of Medicine, even practicing this moderate exercise regularly would be a potential help in slowing or minimizing the progress of dementia. To verify this, the researchers analyzed the profiles of 70 adults, men and women, with an average age of 55 years.

Half of the participants had to choose between several aerobic activity (walking, cycling, dancing or swimming), while the others formed the control group (which only did muscle stretching and toning). Initially the most active practiced physical exercise three times a week, mostly walking, increasing the number of sessions to reach five times a week within six months.

Of the 50 volunteers who finished the study period, which lasted one year, all showed improvements in cognitive tests. This although the most active showed a greater improvement both from a mental point of view and in the state of form, as well as in blood circulation in the brain area.

Not just walking, taking care of the brain at the table

The brain is an organ of absolute importance, which must also be kept healthy through proper nutrition. Better if rich in fruit e vegetables, which will offer adequate support in terms of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Excellent foods for the brain well-being turn out to be tomatoes, whole grains, eggs, broccoli, black currants, oily fish, sage, blueberries and turmeric. Yes also to nuts, dark chocolate and pumpkin seeds.

Source: National Library of Medicine

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