Aldo Montano between diet, gym and Tokyo: his secrets

Aldo Montano between diet, gym and Tokyo: his secrets
Aldo Montano between diet, gym and Tokyo: his secrets

The saber Aldo Montano, honored with the Food & Sport Award 2021, talks about his diet, training and the Olympics

Angelica Cardoni

May 12
– Milano

For a great athlete like him, healthy eating is now an extraordinary life partner. Aldo Montano, 42 years old and individual gold winner at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, is among those who have been honored with the “Food & Sport 2021 Award” (promoted by the Italian Hunter Consortium). The motivation? The commitment as an ambassador of Italy in the world for the promotion of sporting values ​​linked to good food practices.

Let’s start with this Award. What are your sensations and what, then, is your relationship with food?

“We athletes are always tied to great diets during more or less long periods of preparation. We have more attention than a normal person for food. Optimal fitness helps you in performance. Over the years, my diet has changed. As a boy you pay less attention to calories, then your metabolism changes and you need to be more careful ”.

Do you follow a particular diet?

“No. I don’t have a particular diet. I learned not to limit myself, but to focus on quality. Of course, you also have to deal with the quantity. I ate half a kg of pasta when I was 10, now with a pound I’m already at the limit. The only thing I don’t eat? Cheeses, because I’m allergic ”.

“A nice well cooked carbonara. At that point, the hectogram widens a little … “.

In addition to nutrition, has your way of training changed over the years?“Yes, drastically in the evolution as a sportsman, from 20 to 40 years everything changes. Before, I was able to handle the workload more. For age and for learning: when you are a boy you invest more hours in the gym, to store many notions. At my age, we need to focus on conservation. So, fewer sessions in the gym. Before, I had a double session for the whole week, for a total of about 10 sessions per week, now I train in the morning and insert some returns in the afternoon. Focus on quality “.

How important is motivation in training?“Motivation is everything, it’s a nice engine, it’s a nice gasoline. In sport as well as in life: if you have a passion you can reach all goals more easily “.

And what are its future goals?

“When will I grow up? (smiles).I still see myself engaged in the world of sports. I don’t know how yet but that’s something I’d like. I wish I could be useful in the growth of someone thanks to my wealth of experience. It is the environment that I know well and that I like, not just fencing. For now there are many ideas but no projects ”.

First, in fact, there are the Tokyo Games: an appointment to end his brilliant career in a great way …

“Exactly, let’s wait for the Olympics and then we’ll see. Personally, I hope to finish in the best way a career that has always brought me to the fore ”.

“The Olympic memories are truly indelible, there are 4 so far for me. And then many world championships, I carry with me the emotion experienced with different work groups. The emotions are really great, regardless of victories and defeats “.

“Zero, no regrets. I am also very fatalistic. I could have won more but also less. The lost races are compensated with that bit of luck sometimes had in the races won. By the way, I hope to do a little more good in the last few months eh… ”.

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Aldo Montano diet gym Tokyo secrets

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