Smart food, the diet that extends your life

Smart food, the diet that extends your life
Smart food, the diet that extends your life

Lose weight with the diet smart food: this is how the diet works to stay healthy
1. Smart food diet: recommended foods
2. The advice of the smart food diet for weight loss, the diet that extends life
Eating without gaining weight and staying healthy? Science says it is possible with diet smart food an all-Italian diet,
here’s everything you need to know.

The web is full of diets that promise miracles and we are now tired: diets with too many sacrifices and few results would make anyone lose motivation. But the smart food diet could make even the most skeptical think again. It is not intended primarily as a diet to lose weight, but for to protect us from disease and to extend our life. SmartFood arises from the need to identify strategies for modulating nutrition in order to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and increase life expectancy. But among its effects there is also the possibility of lose weight which is not bad.
So let’s find out what this health diet consists of

What is the smart food diet?
The Smart Food Diet is the first diet in Europe to have the certification of a well-known research institute IEO (European Oncological Institute) of Milan which deals with the treatment of tumors, scientific research aimed at improving the methods of diagnosis and treatment of any form of tumor.
Founded in 1994, it counts Enrico Cuccia and Umberto Veronesi among its founders. It’s a health program which aims to prevent diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular, metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases with nutrition.
Thanks to numerous nutrigenomics studies – DNA-based studies – it has in fact been discovered that the genes of aging and those that extend life can be activated or deactivated by some particular foods. If consumed, these foods are also able to prevent the accumulation of fat and stimulate the use of the fat present in the body to repair tissue damage and improve our health. The latest studies carried out by IEO researchers show that the fewer calories you consume the longer you live and the diseases of the elderly such as cancer, metabolic, cardiovascular and neurovegetative diseases are removed. Even with certain foods we eat it is as if we did not eat.
Smart food diet: what are the recommended foods?
Smartfood means “intelligent food “. In fact, the smartfood diet involves the consumption of 30 foods that are able to activate our longevity genes, giving us better health and a longer life. In particular, there are 20 longevity smart foods, foods with exceptional beneficial properties.
The list includes: blood oranges, asparagus, persimmons, capers, cabbage, cherries, dark chocolate, onions, turmeric, strawberries, berries, lettuce, aubergines, apples, paprika, purple potatoes, chilli, black plums, radicchio, tea black, green tea, grapes.
The remaining 10 foods are protective smart foods, which fight obesity and chronic diseases: garlic, whole grains, aromatic herbs, fresh fruit, nuts, legumes, extra virgin olive oil, seed oil, oil seeds and vegetables . As you can see, they are all foods of plant origin, generally known for their nutritional properties.
The tips of the smart food diet for weight loss
The list of smartfood foods is not exhaustive: you can also consume foods that are not listed there, but it is better to follow some advice. For example, meat is not prohibited: whether it is white or red, it should not be eaten more than twice a week. The same moderation is necessary for foods rich in salt, fats, carbonated drinks and alcohol.
The stages of the Smart Diet:
This health program can be tackled in two phases:
1) The initial phase consists in the self-assessment of one’s body (weight, fat and muscle mass, food test).
2) The second phase is a guide to introduce these foods into your lifestyle with the right doses and without excluding all other foods.
In fact, another factor that makes this diet smart is that it does not involve any kind of deprivation, quite the contrary.
Bread, pasta, animal proteins, from fish to eggs from cheeses to meat are also well accepted at the table, as long as they are integrated ad hoc 30 smart foods and controlled doses.
Conclusion of why to choose the smart food diet
Behind this nutritional vision, there is no guru, but the work of hundreds and hundreds of researchers from all over the world who have dedicated their time to experimenting in the laboratory how certain chemical groups come from the plate to dismantle mechanisms that would cause pathologies. nefarious.
One of the nutrigenomics discoveries on which the smart food diet is based is that aging genes (gerontogens) are activated after large meals, triggering biological processes that in the long run lead to physical decay and disease.
On the contrary, it is shown by IEO researchers that fasting silences gerontogens by stimulating the activity of longevity genes. Not just science. Hippocrates, father of medicine used to say: “Let food be your medicine and your medicine be food”.

And the IEO researchers reply: “But we cannot think of food as just a drug”.
Food must first of all be a pleasure. The taste, in fact, does not go anywhere even when the priority is to cook for health.

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