what are the health conditions of the former face of TG1 and MEP?

In the last few hours David Sassoli’s health conditions are worrying, former Rai 1 journalist and European parliamentarian. The information is not much, but from what is known Sassoli is hospitalized since December 26th last per someone physical complications.

David Sassoli began his career as professional journalist since 1986, working for the major national newspapers. Then comes the landing in the Rai house and the appointment of Deputy Director of TG1. He was one of the most loved figures by viewers on the national network from 2006 to 2009.

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After the Rai experience David Sassoli decided to undertake his own path in politics in 2009, within the European institutions. 3 July 2019 also crowns this experience by becoming president of the European Parliament.

Now the concern about the health conditions of the former Rai face and MEP is skyrocketing: on 26 December Sassoli was admitted to a hospital in our country – it has not yet been specified which one it is. The reason for the hospitalization is linked, according to the little information leaked, one severe physical complication presented itself due to a dysfunction of the immune system.

A problem with the immune system? What is happening to Sassoli MEP?

Unfortunately this is the latest of David Sassoli’s recent health problems in recent months. Alone last September the former journalist and politician had run the risk of positivity to the covid given a bad pneumonia, which forced him to cancel all his commitments. Despite the danger of contagion, Sassoli he was negative on the molecular test for covid which, as we know, aggressively attacks the lungs in severe cases.

For Sassoli pneumonia he had been treated at a hospital in Strasbourg and, after his convalescence, he went back to work. On Twitter he had written: “I wanted to thank the vice-presidents, the group presidents, the political groups, the administration at the opening of this plenary. Unfortunately, I was absent due to illness and I had a very bad pneumonia, but the activities of the parliament continued and this I wanted to thank everyone“.

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As stated earlier, at the moment we have no further updates or details on the conditions of health or of Sassoli, nor on what exactly are the causes of the disease. All its institutional commitments for the next few days They were obviously deleted.

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