former tronista confesses a serious health problem

former tronista confesses a serious health problem
former tronista confesses a serious health problem

Men and Women: beloved ex tronista openly tells about his health problem. Wordless fans.

Men and

Unexpected announcement: a former tronista of Men and Women much loved, he confesses to his followers and he talks about the health problem that has unfortunately been tormenting him for months. Let’s see who it is and what it suffers from.

Former tronista of Men and Women upsets social media

Health problems for one of the most popular tronists of the latest editions of Men and women, the Canale 5 dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi. The Queen Mary’s living room of feelings, after 25 years, continues to have great success. Each new edition, young women and men descend to the Marian court with a single goal: find the love of their life.

Some succeed and leave the study of Men and Women with the joy of living outside. Others try, but you want to for business purposes, you want to character incompatibilities that occur once out of the studies, they end up breaking up shortly after crossing the Mediaset gates.

In the past few hours, a tronista very popular with viewers, it was shown on social networks and he told of a health problem that has particularly worried him in recent months.

Pupillo of Maria De Filippi confesses her health problems

Protagonist of Men and Women shocks the fans. In the past few hours, a former tronista he opened up on social media and told of a serious one health problem that has afflicted him for some months. We are talking about Andrea Zelletta.

The deejay made himself known for his participation in the Canale 5 dating show where he met his current girlfriend, Natalia Paragoni. The couple also took part in the GF Vip 5 and it is thanks to this broadcast that its popularity has grown further.

Andrea Zelletta and Natalia

The former gieffino has confessed to having for a long time a severe pain in the shoulder which convinced him to control himself. Andrea thus underwent a thorough check, a radiography particular which requires it to be injected an intra-articular fluid. The fear that something serious was about to be communicated to him worried him for days.

Instagram Stories by Andrea

Fortunately, nothing serious. Through his Instagram stories, Zelletta updated her fans by telling them that she is well and that with the right care, she will soon be back in better shape than ever.

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Beside him always his wonderful girlfriend, Natalia Paragoni, with which he has been living for some time. The two have plans to enlarge the family and to give birth to children but for the moment there are still work commitments to be concluded. in the meantime the ring has arrived and who knows if some other happy news will arrive soon.

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