Prince Harry: “Mental health is important: quit your job if it doesn’t make you happy”

“I firmly believe that focusing and prioritizing mental health is a way to unlock your potential, taking advantage of opportunities we never knew we had within us,” said Prince Harry a few months ago, shortly after his appointment as Chief Impact Officer of the start-up BetterUp Inc., with the task of dealing with strategic promotion and public awareness on psychological well-being issues. It should therefore come as no surprise to his latest statements, issued to Fast Company Magazine commenting on the so-called “Great Resignation“, The“ side effect ”that emerged especially during the Coronavirus pandemic and which led, especially in the United States, to an exponential increase in the resignations of male and female workers. The causes can be many, but first of all there is the burnout syndrome, often associated with anxiety, stress and depression phenomena related to one’s work and the inability to create a healthy balance between private life and work. But not only.

Among the reasons for the resignation there may also be issues relating to dissatisfaction with the work done, the working environment, the desire to find new driving force and passion in what one does. “Many people around the world have been stuck in jobs that have not brought them joy, and now they put their mental health and happiness first – this is a choice to celebrate,” said Prince Harry. “These problems – he added – began to be seen for some years, but now we are faced with a general awareness of the role of mental health”. And it is for this reason that the Duke of Sussex, despite the criticism of his origins, continues to keep the point and keep alive the discussion on the issue of the importance of mental health. Also because depression doesn’t spare blue blooded people either, just like Prince Harry did.


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Prince Harry Mental health important quit job doesnt happy

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