Men and women, former tronista reveals the serious health problem

The former tronista of Men and Women surprised everyone by opening up to tell the serious health problem that until now no one had suspected.

The study of Men and Women (photo by Mediaset).

Ivan Gonzalez it has acquired in a very short time a very interesting popularity, both for its media overexposure between Italy and Spain, and for the numerous love affairs that it has been able to weave and destroy at the speed of light. As a tronista a Men and women chose Sonia Pattarino, but the story didn’t last long.

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There was then a flirt with Paola Caruso, ex Good from Forward another. During the reality Temptation Island Vip wrecked the love story of Valeria Marini with Patrick Baldassarre. In an interview with Spend, Valeria had confided that she also dreamed of a family with the tempter Ivan, but he turned off the gossip revealing that there was only a beautiful friendship.

The former tronista of Men and Women reveals the health problem and tells how he lives his daily life

Temptation Island Vip, Valeria Marini and Ivan Gonzalez (photo Mediaset).

Ivan Gonzalez was also the protagonist of Spanish broadcasts The Strong House, Survivors e Women and men and vice versa. Also for this ease of making contact with others, no one expected that the former tronista of Men and Women could have a health problem that made him suffer a lot.

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During an interview with the Spanish channel Mtmad, Ivan revealed to be hypochondriac. She has a neat fixation, and she goes to her GP 3-4 times the week. When he is in the gym he washes his hands every time he changes positions, and the day after making love he has gods rush and always call your partner to make sure she is okay. Then he adds: “Often they tell me I’m not okay with my head“.


Men women tronista reveals health problem

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