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Social dentist bonus 2021: families with low Isee will be able to take advantage of dental care at lower rates. No income limit for pregnant women. Find out more now!

2021 will surely go down in history as the year of bonuses! The State has put in place a whole series of concessions for citizens, aimed at the purchase of goods and / or services. Almost two years have passed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic; an exceptional event, of global significance, which brought almost all national economies to their knees.

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The purchasing power of the Italians has suffered a severe backlash, the data is objective. In recent weeks there has been a significant increase in prices for basic necessities such as bread, pasta, flour, coffee, fruit, vegetables and vegetables. Not to mention the fuels and the repercussions on the amounts of electricity and gas bills!

A worrying situation especially in view of the upcoming Christmas holidays, from which a surge in consumption is always expected. The government immediately ran for cover by allocating extraordinary economic resources. Objective: to safeguard some strategic sectors of the national economy, exhausted by the economic crisis caused by the health emergency.

After the green bonus for the refurbishment of gardens and terraces, the one dedicated to future mothers and the universal single check, now you can also take advantage of the 2021 social dentist bonus, to access dental visits at discounted rates.

The incentive aims to ensure that the economic crisis does not induce citizens to save on their health. On the other hand, prevention is the best weapon in our hands to be able to fight and overcome many diseases.

Let’s see together how the 2021 social dentist bonus works, what benefits it includes and, above all, how to request it.

Social dentist bonus 2021: the list of subsidized rates

Social dentist bonus 2021: born from a signed agreement between the ministry of labor, that of health, the Andi (national association of Italian dentists) and the Oci (Italian Catholic dentists).

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Low-income families will be able to take advantage of dental care at clearly reduced rates. Here are the categories of citizens who can access the bonus:

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  • Family units with an Isee income not exceeding 8 thousand euros per year;
  • Subjects exempt from paying the health ticket for reasons of age, income, pathologies;
  • Disabled people with Isee not exceeding 10 thousand euros per year;
  • Social Card holders;
  • Pregnant women, for whom there is no income limit. But they will only be able to access these two services: tartar ablation and teaching of oral hygiene.

Now let’s see what all the services are at flat rate prices. We list them below.

  • Dental visit, tartar ablation and oral hygiene teaching – 80.00 euros;
  • Sealing of the grooves of the molars and premolars – 25.00 euros;
  • Extraction of compromised teeth – 60.00 euros;
  • Partial prosthesis in resin with wire hooks (per arch) – 550.00 euros;
  • Total resin prosthesis (per arch) – 800.00 euros.

Claiming the bonus is very simple: the interested citizen and in possession of the required requisites must go to a dental practice participating in the initiative and present the document certifying the ISEE, the Social Card or the state of pregnancy. In addition, you will have to fill in a specific form provided by the doctor.

Thanks to this convention, all citizens who have emergencies they will be able to access dental care and dental prosthetics without spending a fortune. A truly unmissable opportunity, especially in the current times!

To consult the list of dentists adhering to the convention, just connect to the Andi portal ( At the moment the dedicated page is being updated. Publication is expected to take place shortly. To find out more, you can also call the toll-free number (free from landlines) 800.911.202.

Insiders are already predicting a boom in membership. If you have a dental problem and you meet one or more of the above requirements, now is the time to solve it without breaking the bank!


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