New lung cancer drug available – Medicine

New lung cancer drug available – Medicine
New lung cancer drug available – Medicine

Adult patients with a particular type of lung cancer (non-small cell Alk positive in advanced stage) now have one more option: lorlatinib, approved under reimbursement regime for the treatment of patients who have already had a treatment of first line and a disease progression. The new drug is a third generation tyrosine kinase (Tki) inhibitor designed to cross the blood brain barrier and thus act in the brain.

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancers, in Italy it is the third most frequent in men and the second in women, and causes a higher number of deaths than any other form of cancer. Thanks to scientific research, however, in recent years it has been possible to identify numerous molecular alterations which are the basis of its development and which can represent therapeutic targets.

“In the last twenty years there have been many scientific advances and research progresses in the diagnostics and therapy of non-small cell lung cancer with the identification of new action targets and specific drugs. Despite this, there is still a strong need for solutions, especially to deal effectively with the disease at the time of progression and in particular when it affects the brain sector “, explains Silvia Novello, professor of Medical Oncology at the oncology department of the University of Turin and president of Walce onlus.



lung cancer drug Medicine

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