LIVE COVID-19 – Today’s bulletin. Hope: “There are no new measures in sight.” CTS, Locatelli: “The Omicron variant is rapid in spreading, but we do not know if it causes serious illness”

I am 12.932 the positive Covid tests identified on Sunday 28 November, according to data from the Ministry of Health, had been yesterday 12.877. I am instead 47 the victims in one day, against the 90 of yesterday. As usual, provides you with the latest LIVE news about the Coronavirus situation.

19:03 – “I was infected with Omicron variant: glad I got vaccinated”. The man is an Eni employee and allegedly landed at Fiumicino airport, coming from Mozambique, on 12 November last. On 15 November he would fly from Capodichino to Milan for a scheduled medical examination. “Given my and my family’s mild symptoms, the vaccine worked excellently,” he said. Pads have been arranged for the 133 passengers on the flight.

17:55 – There are 12,932 Covid test positives identified on Sunday 28 November, according to data from the Ministry of Health, yesterday they were 12,877. On the other hand, there are 47 victims in one day, compared to 90 yesterday.

17:24 – The Morocco suspends all incoming flights due to fears related to the spread of the new Omicron variant. This was announced by the Ministry of Health of Rabat, specifying that the measures will enter into force tomorrow and will extend for two weeks. “The situation will be assessed on a regular basis to modify the measures in case it becomes necessary”, the ministry specified.

16:44 – In the last 24 hours, 378 new cases of Covid-19 have been identified in the Marche. A victim has been recorded in the last 24 hours. The toll since the start of the pandemic crisis has risen to 3,149 deaths, 1,762 men and 1,387 women.

16:10 – There is a possibility that America is heading towards a fifth wave of the pandemic: said virologist Anthony Fauci speaking to CBS, referring to the threat of the new Omicron variant and pointing the finger at a stagnant vaccination rate and a disappointing race towards the booster so far.

14:25 – The Swiss have returned to the polls to comment on the latest changes to the anti-Covid law, which among other things led to the introduction of green certification. According to the first projections, 63% voted in favor.

13:37 – Infections fly in South Africa, in the eye of the storm for the spread of the new variant, even if the ministry of health – reporting over 3,200 new cases in the last 24 hours – does not provide information on how many of these are related to Omicron. In the country, a Tweet from the South African health authority reads, the positivity rate has risen to 9.2%.

12:46 – It is already sold outopen day for third doses for over 40s promoted for today by the Lazio Region. The availability of places, announced the Department of Health, were sold out in a few hours. Hence the invitation to users “not to go to vaccination hubs to avoid unnecessary gatherings”. In any case, the Region remembers, 2.5 million booking slots are available on the dedicated platform.

11:49 – “At the moment these are the measures, new measures are not on the agenda”. This was stated by the Ministry of Health Roberto Speranza at the Il Foglio Optimism Festival, taking place in Palazzo Vecchio. “The numbers of the last few hours are encouraging, Friday 294,000 third dose the highest ever and I am optimistic for significant growth in the next week. We are interested in growing even in the first doses, concluded the minister.

10:50 – “It will be necessary to see if the Omicron variant is more contagious. At the moment it seems that vaccines are maintaining their strength. Now it is therefore more important than ever to get the third dose as soon as possible and the utmost caution on the part of citizens: mask and distance”. The Minister of the Interior said so, Luciana Lamorgese, interviewed on the program The Sunday coffee its Radio 24.

10:29 – First case of Omicron variant: Caserta landed at Fiumicino and then in Milan. The man is an Eni employee and allegedly landed at the Roman airport, coming from Mozambique, on 11 November last. On 15 November he would fly from Capodichino to Milan for a scheduled medical examination. On November 16, while he was returning to Fiumicino, where he should have embarked for Africa, he was informed of his positivity.

9:53 – “We clear the field of insecurities and doubts, we vaccinate children against Covid because we want to protect them”. Thus the director of microbiology of the Bambin Gesù hospital in Rome, Carlo Federico Perno, spoke to Sky TG24 of the need to administer the drug even to the smallest ones

9:30 – “The new Omicron variant of the coronavirus causes a mild disease without major symptoms”: said, reported by various media, Angelique Coetzee, president of the Association of Doctors of South Africa, the country from which the variant comes and which has isolated it.

9:00 – “Rapid in spreading, but we do not know if it is capable of causing a serious disease”: is the clarification on the Omicron variant of the CTS coordinator, Franco Locatelli, which in an interview with Corriere della Sera he stressed that “the vaccine, now more than ever, remains fundamental, together with the use of a mask”. “It is not clear to date whether this strain will have a greater ability to cause serious disease”, Locatelli underlined, “but attention must be kept at the highest level and Minister Speranza first did well, then followed by the other EU ministers. , to promptly interrupt accesses and flights from the eight countries that have been hit by them “. “The crucial question” is about vaccine resistance: “The presence of mutations in regions of the Spike protein recognized by antibodies or lymphocyte T cells could partially reduce the effectiveness of vaccines. However, only further evaluations will give us an answer based on this. evidence “.

8:30 – From tonight the borders of Israel will be closed to all foreigners: the government announced in a statement. “The entry of foreigners into Israel is prohibited with the exception of cases approved by a special commission,” reads a note from the prime minister’s office.

8:00 – The Omicron variant of Covid has also reached Australia: it was identified through the test on two people arriving in Sydney from South Africa. The health authorities of New South Wales have announced that they have carried out genomic and have detected the variant. In the country of 25 million inhabitants, 207,984 cases and 1994 deaths have been recorded since the start of the pandemic, and 39 million doses of the vaccine have so far been administered.

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