But does the vaccine work? Anonymous dossier with 35 clinical cases shakes the civilian

(red.) A dossier sent by anonymous hands to the Aadi, the Association of the Advocacy of Nurses, shakes the Civil Hospital of Brescia. In fact, the dossier contains as many as 35 patient records – for the most part vaccinated with one or two doses – who have contracted Covid. The association publishes the dossier on its website after putting the envelope with all the (confidential) data of the patients admitted to the Civil Service at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.
In the document (this is the Aadi site) there are the initials of the name and surname of the patients, their age and the date of the last vaccination in addition to the disease that emerged and for which they were hospitalized.
The question that the association of nurses asks itself and that the dossier raises is naturally that of the efficacy or otherwise of the vaccine. The Civil Hospital has entrusted its legal department with the task of assessing the situation, especially with regard to respecting the privacy of patients.
“The Association of Nurses’ Advocacy received, by anonymous sender and in a sealed envelope, as many as 35 cards clinics of the Asst Spedali Civili of Brescia, all patients hospitalized in the Covid-AB Pneumology ward for Covid-19 and all doubly and fully vaccinated in 2021 (the date of the last dose is reported) “, writes the association. “All in phlebotherapy with massive antibiotic and corticosteroid administration as well as antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Pneumonia was followed by blood culture which revealed bacterial superinfections. The envelope was opened and examined before placing it at the disposal of the Public Prosecutor’s Office “.
“As you read what follows,” the association writes again, “ask yourself: Does the vaccine work? The vaccine protects against severe symptoms? Wasn’t the vaccine more recommended for frail elderly people, diabetics and others with comorbidities? “.
The 35 medical records are signed by over 20 doctors (not by the same doctor, perhaps no vax, but by many, the association points out) and tell 35 clinical cases of people of different ages. The youngest is an unvaccinated 28-year-old girl, the eldest an 89-year-old vaccinated with Pfizer and hospitalized for interstitial pneumonia from Covid-19. In the middle, 33 other cases of men and women of all ages, vaccinated and with different pathologies.
Now it is the mole hunt that has released the documents.

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