“Tailor-made” medicine and management of frail family members: with the new TreC + a single portal to access all APSS services

TRENTO. One personal virtual space where to organize all your own recipes, see the exam results, book the visit specialist but also change, if desired, your own doctor from base or specify any allergy, intolerances, surgical operations and much more: presented the new portal and the new one app TreC +, from today (November 15) to available for free of all subscribers al system sanitary provincial. The new platform for the digital medical record was developed thanks to the contribution of both medici that of citizens and will represent the only point from access to digital services of the Company sanitary in Trentino. The goal, the leaders explained dell’Apss and the councilor for health Stefania Segnana during the presentation, it is to aim more and more on innovation per to ease e improve access of the citizens to the health services, which must become more and more in the future “tailored“Thanks to technological development. Users will be able to access all the features of TreC + both from Web portal that from the app, which can be downloaded for free from the main stores, with two ‘strong’ authentication methods: lo Spid and the Paper provincial of services, and soon also with the Paper of electronic identity.

“The use of telemedicine has proved itself crucial during the pandemic – he stressed Segnana – at the moment they are about 170 thousand people from Trentino who already use TreC accessing from the portal e 62mil from the TreC-Fse app. The goal with this new platform is reach the entire population“. Among the novelties: there will no longer be other applications or systems to access Apss digital services, because everything has been grouped into TreC +. For those who already use the app TreC-Fse just update it from the app stores. For those who have never installed it, they can do it independently by logging in from the web portal following the instructions in the guide. Portal and app are the result of a collaboration between Pat, Apss e Fbk and essentially represent the evolution of the already well-known TreC (medical records of the citizen), whose functions can now be used in part also by whom is not a resident of the Province.

“This innovation talks about us – added Segnana – talks about the ‘Trentino system‘, research, health policies and services for the care of people ”. Great care, underlined the councilor: “It was also paid to the needs of citizens and doctors. In recent months we have started various experiments in the Province of Trento to adopt the tele-visit as a practice tool and with the aim of creating a user experience that guaranteed ease of use and inclusion. Pediatrics, cardiology and ophthalmology are some of the trials underway in Trentino, which have joined those with diabetes and health prevention. Tele-monitoring will soon be added per oncology and an informative and educational service dedicated to women in pregnancy”.

According to the chief executive of Pat’s Health and Social Policy Department Giancarlo Ruscitti, this innovation represents “the starting point of a path that aims to create a shared space for the development of the digital healthcare, which deals with the salute of the citizens of Trentino all along the path from vita“. Ruscitti then emphasized that, thanks to the new TreC +, citizens will now be able to have not only the own health, but also that of more fragile relatives, thanks to the possibility offered by the new app to manage the “profiles” of other family members. For the acting director of APSS Antonio Ferro, this novelty would not be that a starting point for the future. “It is a tool that falls within the reorganization of a health care which, starting from the concept of capillarity, may be of proximity to citizens – underlined Ferro – the pandemic experience has pushed hard to a organizational change e technological, effectively imposing a greater connection between sanitary system and those who use the services and one virtualization of the services gives remote through the telemedicine. We must continue on this path because the use of widespread technologies e easily usable improves accessibility to services sanitary”.

The director of the Apss provincial hospital service Pier Paolo Benetollo he then spoke of a “prospectfuture to implement many others functions on the platform. “We are experimenting with a form of de-bureaucratization for i professionals In the medical field – said Benetollo – with the aim of reaching a support a lot more customized, non tied up a standard but rather to the specific needs of the singles“. Also according to the secretary general of the Bruno Kessler Foundation Andrea Simoni TreC + represents “a point from departure e not of arrival“. “In recent years – he said – we have tried out the telemedicine, which will go into production shortly. We are now planning e experimenting the part of TreC + that wants to become more and more intelligent e integrated with applications such as the virtual coach, the models predictive, i chatbot, etc., which they use intelligence artificial”.

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