how to do it, info and costs Reggionline -Telereggio – Latest news Reggio Emilia |

how to do it, info and costs Reggionline -Telereggio – Latest news Reggio Emilia |
how to do it, info and costs Reggionline -Telereggio – Latest news Reggio Emilia |

REGGIO EMILIA – Those who want to get the flu vaccine, and do not fall within the categories considered at risk, can also apply for a fee to the Reggio municipal pharmacies, thanks to a national agreement implemented by the Emilia Romagna Region. From next week . it will therefore be possible to receive the injection of the vaccine combined with the purchase of the drug directly at the pharmacy

How to do?

It is necessary to buy the vaccine directly at the pharmacy and, without the need for prior booking, you can take advantage of the vaccination service at the cost (established by the national agreement) of 6.16 euros for the service to which the cost of the drug is added (18 euros approximately). In case of purchase combined with administration, presentation of a medical prescription is not required.

To find out the list of active Pharmacies (for now Central, Hospital H24, Santa Croce and Pappagnocca, but the service is gradually being extended) or to receive more detailed information, simply contact your trusted Municipal Pharmacy.

Who can get vaccinated in the pharmacy?

People aged between 18 and 60 years not yet completed, without pathologies, who do not fall into the categories of entitled persons and who have health care in Emilia-Romagna, will be able to get vaccinated in the pharmacy.

We remind you of the importance of flu vaccination, as well as to protect yourself from the seasonal disease whose effects are well known (sometimes even with serious complications), to reduce the possibility of having symptoms similar to those manifested in the event of suspected Covid contagion -19 with all that this entails (buffer, precautionary isolation, etc.)

It should also be noted that this is the ideal period for influenza vaccination and that, unlike last year, the availability of vaccines at pharmacies is currently good.

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