Entrusted with the work, the new Silvano Fedi swimming pool-gym takes off

Entrusted with the work, the new Silvano Fedi swimming pool-gym takes off
Entrusted with the work, the new Silvano Fedi swimming pool-gym takes off

PISTOIA – Only the final act for the “rebirth” of the Silvano Fedi swimming pool-gym was missing. Now everything is really ready: in fact, the renovation works of the plant in via Panconi have been awarded, which include the overall rearrangement and also the construction of new changing rooms.
The contract was awarded to the Italian Consortium Constructions, Maintenance and Services sc of Bologna.
The cost of the work amounts to a total of 7,682,000 euros (of which 5,965,629 for works and 1,716,370 “for technical and administrative expenses and available sums”).
The renovation of the swimming pool, which had reached the decisive turning point with the executive project last January, takes place through a recovery and redevelopment of the existing structure: both from the structural, plant engineering and energy efficiency aspects, to which the adds the demolition and reconstruction from scratch of the rooms intended for the changing rooms. In short, a brand new sports facility, which is practically reborn from its ashes.

The “new” plant in via Panconi

“The light that wins over the dark – declared the Mayor Marzia Niccoli, Councilor with responsibility for the School Building of the Province -. An important work in the history of the Province of Pistoia.
Finally a truly exceptional, extraordinary result, the one achieved by the Province of Pistoia.
The deadlines set for the assignment of the works were perfectly respected and therefore the path, which began in 2017, will soon start and will revive the sports center at the service of schools and the entire city of Pistoia.
I am really proud, enthusiastic to have contributed together with all the staff of the School Building sector of the Province to bring about this project which represents an important turning point, a precious asset so desired to be able to respond to the needs of the entire community and which will become the heritage of the future generations.
A strong and warm thank you for the support guaranteed by the CARIPIT Foundation which immediately believed that it was the right way to reach the goal.
A not indifferent teamwork – concludes Marzia Niccoli – which has allowed and allows us to carry out works that are really necessary and fundamental for the territory “. (m.d.)


Entrusted work Silvano Fedi swimming poolgym takes

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