Abolished restriction of exclusivity for Nurses: amendment approved. – AssoCareNews.it

Finally abolished, although not completely, the constraint of exclusivity for nurses working in public hospitals.

The news was given by the president of the social and health structures section of Sicindustria, Francesco Ruggeri, who explains: “It has finally been approved, and awaits to be published in the Gazzetta, the amendment loudly requested by Sicindustria which will allow operators of the health professions belonging to the public sector to work also for the social and health structures that operate in convention regime, without however ever affecting the functionality of public hospitals “.

This was reported by Ansa in a note released to the media.

In particular, the amendment, signed by Senator Davide Faraone and approved thanks to the contribution of the President of the Hygiene and Health Commission of the Senate, Anna Maria Parente, provides that, until the end of the state of emergency, for the operators of the health professions belonging to the sector of public health, “the incompatibilities currently envisaged and which had created a chronic and dramatic shortage of doctors and nurses from accredited socio-health structures do not apply outside the hours of service and for a total of 4 hours per week. “This – adds Ruggeri – is a really important result to which Sicindustria, and in particular the vice president of our section, Pietro Scozzari, to whom my personal thanks go, has been working for months and which represents a decisive step forward for the entire sector. of Italian private health care “.

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