“Boom touch-ups under 18, mothers push in 1 case out of 3”: the alarm

“Boom touch-ups under 18, mothers push in 1 case out of 3”: the alarm
“Boom touch-ups under 18, mothers push in 1 case out of 3”: the alarm

Aquiline nose, thin lips or slightly pronounced breasts. I am there is a sharp increase in requests for aesthetic retouching by the under 18s in response to social needs. And very often behind it there is the direction of the mother. The alarm comes from Daniele Spirito, a specialist in plastic surgery in Rome and Como and a lecturer at the School of Specialization in Plastic Surgery of the University of Milan. “England – he remembers – has approved a law that prohibits botox and fillers to swell the lips for minors, given the exorbitant numbers recorded among adolescents, but also in Italy more filters are needed”.

“Often – denounces the specialist – it is precisely the parents who willingly give the green light or encourage retouching: behind one out of three cosmetic surgery there is the drive of a mother. We register a very high demand for corrections of imperfections in very young children. And the parents – explains the expert -, called to give their written consent for cosmetic surgery on minors, often agree with their children. In many cases – underlines Spirito – the decision is the result of episodes of bullying, suffered at school or in the social context, in others it derives from an inner insecurity amplified by the increase in the use of social networks. Very often, in fact, the requests of the very young are dictated by the conditioning of social networks. In any case – he concludes – it is very likely that the right awareness is lacking “.

But what are thereand main requests of girls and boys under 18? “These are very young boys, who suffer from discomfort, mostly due to acne, protruding ears, very pronounced noses or even slightly bursting breasts. Among girls – explains Spirito – the use of lip is increasingly widespread. filler, the filler to ‘swell’ the mouth and have full and sensual lips. But before reaching the age of 18 – the doctor warns – it is better not to intervene. Redoing a part of your body presupposes a thoughtful and motivated choice and there is no you can turn to surgery or medicine to be more beautiful in photos or capture more likes. The perception of oneself – warns the surgeon – loses grip with reality and it is easy to make mistakes and wrong choices from which it is then difficult to go back ” .

Not only. “Resorting to medical or cosmetic surgery treatments before reaching the age of 18 – warns the expert – involves many risks. First of all, that of changing your mind and repenting when you acquire maturity. We must then wait for the features to become definitive with the arrest of growth before thinking about their correction. And finally there is the risk – explains Spirito – of entering the whirlwind of uncontrolled retouching at a very young age. The goal is to protect minors, for this you need the written consent of both parents but often, unfortunately, it is they who encourage the children. Joint intervention is needed – he concludes -: in the event that the desired retouching does not rest on a serious and conscious basis, the parent must say no, without prejudice to the ethics of the professional who can refuse to perform the operation “.


Boom touchups mothers push case alarm

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