The tricks to get in shape for the holidays to be included in the pre-Christmas diet

In view of the upcoming holidays it is good to take cover: here are the tricks to get in shape at Christmas to be included in the pre-Christmas diet.

For all Christmas lovers, the countdown to the most magical party of the year has begun. About a month and a half away from the fateful Christmas banquets and the scales are already beginning to shake. And then it is good to start thinking in time to dispose of something in advance so as not to arrive already weighed down during the holidays.

Among panettone, pandoro, dinners, dinners, alcohol and extras of all kinds during the holidays it is little but sure that the kilos inevitably increase. That is why it is important to prepare the body for these right now sgarri which we will certainly do, and not very infrequently, during the Christmas period.

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To do this, you need to choose foods that purify the body so as to eliminate accumulated toxins, which slow down the metabolism. In this way we will be able to better dispose of what we will eat more. Let’s find out the tricks to get in shape at the holidays to be included in the pre-Christmas diet.

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Here are the tips for the pre-Christmas diet

In order not to be caught unprepared for the arrival of Christmas, we need to think right now about how not to accumulate too many kilos during the holidays. One thing is certain. Losing weight in the holidays is impossible. And since the kilos, some more some less, we will accumulate them it is good to start losing weight right now.

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This does not mean fasting or drastically cutting calories, also because in this way we would only slow down the metabolism with the consequence of accumulating even more kilos during the holidays.

There are some instead little tricks you can include in the pre-Christmas diet so as to arrive at Christmas with the body purified and ready to welcome even some sneakiness without then accusing it in an irreparable way. Let’s see what they are.

1) Don’t skip meals. As mentioned above, skipping meals is always the wrong move because instead of losing weight, we slow down our metabolism.

2) Start the day with the right breakfast. The first meal of the day must be varied and balanced. An example would be to consume a low-fat or Greek yogurt, a handful of nuts and red fruits, such as blueberries, and finally a cup of green tea.

3) Drink two liters of water a day. In this way we help the body to eliminate toxins and waste in view of the revelry.

4) Avoid alcohol. Better to avoid drinking alcohol and fizzy drinks, in fact they are a source of sugars and calories.

5) Eliminate snacks. In the pre-holiday period we avoid caloric foods and especially packaged and industrial snacks. They create insulin spikes and make weight loss difficult.

6) Drink herbal tea. Let’s get into the good habit of drinking a purifying herbal tea before going to bed. Here you can find some tips. Herbal teas: which one to choose? Beneficial effects and contraindications.

7) Exercise. Let’s take this opportunity to start doing some movement too. When you want to lose weight, it is certainly advisable, in addition to the diet, to include some sporting activity. If we don’t like to work hard, we can also take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes a day.

8) Don’t give up on carbohydrates. Just eat a small portion and preferably for lunch.

9) Don’t forget the snacks. One mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. We can choose a fruit or a yogurt. They will help us arrive less hungry for lunch and dinner. Here are some ideas. Healthy snacks: light ideas to get fit for Christmas.

10) We choose proteins for dinner. If we do not have to cut carbohydrates it is always better to consume them for lunch and reserve proteins for dinner which we will combine with a plate of vegetables dressed with extra virgin olive oil.

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11) Include cereals in the diet. We can opt for rice, spelled, barley, bulgur, cous cous but also pseudocereals such as quinoa.

Thanks to these simple tricks we will also be able to indulge in some more light-hearted Christmas snares.

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