Third dose, notice with a text message for the reservation. One in two health workers is without

Third dose, notice with a text message for the reservation. One in two health workers is without
Third dose, notice with a text message for the reservation. One in two health workers is without

New push at terze dosi: here are the alerts via Sms and new age groups involved. But we have a problem: the renewal of health worker protection is slow. If we go into a hospital or doctor’s office it is very likely that one in two doctors or nurses have a weak shield against infection with Covid. They have been vaccinated, mind you. For health workers there is an obligation. But at least half of them have not yet received the third dose (which is voluntary). And more than a month has passed since the start of the reinforcement dose campaign. As shown by several studies but also the results from the real world (United Kingdom, Israel and Singapore to name only three cases) 180 days after the second injection there is a substantial decrease in protection against infection. It is not reassuring, doctors and nurses work on the front line, in contact with even fragile patients.

Third dose, region by region how to book between Cup, pharmacy and Postamat


The first white coats received the first dose of Pfizer on 27 December 2020, most of them completed their vaccination cycle in the first four months of 2021. The more protective coverage has waned, and therefore it is urgent to run with third doses, as the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, also reiterated yesterday. speaking of the whole population, given that in the next few hours it will also open to the call of the age group 50-59 years. For doctors and nurses there are no personal distinctions, but the data coming from the Regions are not encouraging. Veneto: 31.2 per cent. Emilia-Romagna and Puglia similar percentages. Campania and Lazio dance around 50 percent. The averages are these everywhere and, even if there are no official homogeneous data for the whole of Italy, it can be said that only half of the health workers received the third injection of reinforcement. There are other factors that confirm the fact that white coats are less protected: the curve of the contagion in this category is going up. It will be said: it happens for the Italian population in general. But there is a difference. Doctors and nurses, with rare exceptions, are all vaccinated with the double dose since there is an obligation, the rest of the population is not. Among other things, it is sad to note, between September and October, there were also some deaths among doctors and nurses infected with Covid, vaccinated between January and February, therefore eight to nine months earlier, who had not had time to receive the third injection. According to Dr. Carlo Palermo, secretary of Anaao Assomed (association of executive doctors), there is no refusal of the third dose: «I think it is technical time, but you will see that sooner or later almost everyone will receive it. It is true that on a voluntary basis, however, there is a scientific reason: there is a widespread awareness that it is necessary to protect oneself and protect patients. We cannot afford to have sick doctors, both for their health and for not leaving the wards unguarded ».

Acceleration for third doses

In light of the increase in new positive cases (yesterday 4,197) and hospitalizations (yesterday +164), the Ministry of Health now wants to accelerate the campaign of third doses for all. The Regions are asked to broadcast the pro-active call, with Sms, to those who are recommended the third dose, as some Regions already do, for example Lazio and Emilia-Romagna; it opens up to lower age groups (fifty-year-olds), it is asked to keep the hubs functioning and to be ready to reactivate others if needed (to date there is no need for this); there will be greater involvement of general practitioners (on this yesterday an agreement was signed between the Puglia Region and the category). On the table is Lazio’s proposal asking for the color to appear yellow, when the person showing the QR-code is a citizen who has received the second dose more than six months before and therefore, to protect himself, should receive the third. Says the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza: «The scientific community tells us that after 6 months there is a drop in protection from vaccines and we are committed to the third dose. Science leads even with vaccines for under 12s ». General Francesco Figliuolo (emergency commissioner) adds: «I hope it can be a Merry Christmas. If we continue on this path, by further incentivising the third doses, we will be able to counter this fourth wave. The system holds. And I still think that the best weapon is persuasion ».


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