while Occhiuto awaits the appointment, Commissioner Longo signs photo-finish documents

while Occhiuto awaits the appointment, Commissioner Longo signs photo-finish documents
while Occhiuto awaits the appointment, Commissioner Longo signs photo-finish documents

While the president, Roberto Occhiuto, already celebrates his imminent appointment as commissioner of health, on the third floor of the Citadel the commissioner still in office but almost defenestrated, Guido Longo, signs decrees, transmits notes and imposes deadlines on Calabrian healthcare companies and hospitals.

The stop on vaccinations

Neither the straight leg entry last week – when the new governor has in fact blocked the drafting of the rationalization of the vaccination centers, marking it as inappropriate – he seems to slow down the commissioner’s activities that are fervent in recent days with renewed enthusiasm. After having in fact fired a decree with which he modified the guidelines for the preparation of company documents, he has more recently fixed deadlines for the delivery of some data requested in great haste from health and hospital companies.

At the turn of the feast of All Saints

The urgent request for data concerning expenditure on personnel it was in fact transmitted on Friday afternoon – a few hours before the All Saints’ Bridge – and accompanied by the peremptory request for the delivery of information by yesterday: Wednesday 3 November. Two days of hectic activities imposed on Calabrian companies to retrieve information on the «growth in personnel expenditure for the year 2019».

The request for the tables

The note follows a specific request made by Ministry of Health and Mef during the last inter-ministerial verification table of the obligations for the return plan. That of July 22 last when the two ministries flanking asked for clarifications on personnel expenses.

Late hiring

On that occasion – in the face of the reassurances provided by the commissioner regarding the recruitment of medical and nursing staff carried out to counter the Covid emergency – however the two ministries asked for clarifications on the “progress of the recruitment of personnel, also recalling the authorizations to the recruitments that have taken place for years by these Tables, based on the needs, of medical and health professionalism as well as for the strengthening of the administrative staff, whose recruitment they would not be carried out or would result in a great delay in implementation».

Fulfillment of the photo finish

And so on the third floor of the Citadel it is counted, implementing the latest fulfillments to the photo finish and urgently requesting data from health and hospital companies to satisfy a request made by Rome in the verification table held in July and of which only in September was certain information about the outcome of that meeting known. Four months for the commissioner to clear up their ideas on priorities and two days for companies to provide the data.


Occhiuto awaits appointment Commissioner Longo signs photofinish documents

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