There is a clash between the Region and family doctors: “In Brianza 76 empty seats”

There is a clash between the Region and family doctors: “In Brianza 76 empty seats”
There is a clash between the Region and family doctors: “In Brianza 76 empty seats”

There is a clash between the Region and family doctors: “In Brianza 76 empty seats”

The general practitioners reply to the councilor Moratti after the declaration that basic medicine “does not work as much as the hospital one”. They report data and professional conditions. Which on the territory always translate into vacant and assisted spaces that grow.

«In Monza and Brianza in the month of March there were 105 general practitioners missing. The Ats, after the bidding procedures, managed to replace only 29. This means that in our territory there are 76 uncovered areas ».

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Marco Grendele, councilor of the Order of Doctors of Monza and Brianza, enrolled in the Italian Federation of general practitioners of the Brianza province, responds with numbers to the attack by the Lombardy Region Welfare Councilor, Letizia Moratti.
On a visit last Saturday at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo, Councilor Moratti said on Saturday that the lack of general practitioners is actually only a perception due to poor organization of work: “The number of hours – he said – is profoundly different from those who work within hospitals or healthcare facilities. This is what creates this perception of a lack which is not a lack given by numbers, but by the organization ».

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In other words, “family doctors work less than hospital doctors”. A statement that created a real storm and led Fimmg to write a long open letter that ends with an invitation to councilor Moratti to visit the general medicine clinics to understand the amount of daily work.

«The words of the commissioner Moratti – explains Grendele – cause us amazement, concern and a lot of bitterness. The truth is that our territory is suffering the consequences due to a serious and real shortage of general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice, due to a sensational programming error, which does not allow adequate and efficient coverage of the deficient areas. “.

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Here then is the data on the Monza and Brianza area: “In Monza there are nine uncovered areas – continues Grendele – in Muggiò, where I have been working since 1991, five have retired, but three have yet to be replaced and we have been asked to load of 100 patients more than the maximum limit of 1,500. Nobody wants to go to the city centers because rents are higher and there are major traffic problems ».

“If family doctors really worked less than hospitals there would be a queue to fill vacant places – continues Grendele – and instead young people prefer to enter a specialty rather than take the family doctor course. Perhaps we forget that our working hours are not limited to the presence in the clinic, there are home visits, there is all the back office activity which is increasingly onerous. There is an attack on our professionalism. Because if pharmacists can make swabs and vaccines, we can’t start selling drugs? ».

Other factors, especially economic ones, also play a role in why so many positions remain vacant. «A young doctor must be able to rent a studio, furnish it, pay a secretary – continues Grendele – this justifies a higher salary than the hospitals, but net of all these expenses there is not much left. And then we have no holidays, no sickness, we do not have severance pay, we pay Imu and electricity in double rate because our clinics are similar to shops ».


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