Few people know that these often overlooked changes could be a sign of liver cancer

Few people know that these often overlooked changes could be a sign of liver cancer
Few people know that these often overlooked changes could be a sign of liver cancer

The liver is the largest organ in our body and is essential for maintaining good health. In fact, its function is to remove waste substances from the blood and produce the bile and enzymes necessary for digestion. Liver cancer is caused by an uncontrolled proliferation of cells within it.

There are two types, namely the primary tumor that arises directly from the liver and the secondary when it derives from tumors that have attacked other organs.

As for the risk factors, the exact mechanisms by which this type of cancer develops are not yet known.

Most common risk factors

However, some situations and behaviors are risk factors for its onset. Among these, the most important is characterized by chronic infections, such as type B and C hepatitis. Smoking, cirrhosis caused for example by alcohol abuse or intoxication by drugs and chemicals are included. As well as obesity which together with alterations in metabolism, such as diabetes, hypercholesterolemia can lead to diseases that increase the risk of cancer. Or, autoimmune diseases.

Few people know that these often overlooked changes could be a sign of liver cancer

But when and how is this tumor discovered? Is it possible to prevent it? To prevent this form of cancer, the most common risk factors, such as smoking, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, should be avoided. As well as habits that favor metabolic alterations and obesity. Therefore, by adopting an active lifestyle and a healthy diet, the risk factors of many diseases, including this cancer, could be kept away. However, few people know that these often ignored changes could be signs of liver cancer, such as pain in the abdomen, fever, weight loss.

This is why it is called a silent tumor

Only when the disease is increasing do some symptoms begin to appear, however not very specific. Discovering this tumor early is rather difficult, so much so that it is defined as silent because, especially in the initial stages, it does not give symptoms. That is, the loss of weight and appetite, a feeling of nausea, pain in the upper abdomen that can reach the back or shoulders. As well as a sense of satiety, fatigue, darker urine, jaundice and fever.

It is usually quite difficult for an ordinary person to link these nonspecific symptoms to liver cancer. It is therefore essential to contact your doctor in the presence of certain symptoms and especially in conjunction with one or more risk factors. Talking and exposing every little alarm bell, especially when there may be pathologies at the base, can improve our life. Exams and visits could help prevent numerous situations that could escalate into truly dramatic situations.


Not only liver cancer but also brain infarction with this abuse

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