Michela Palestra, who is the new deputy mayor of the metropolitan city

Beppe Sala has chosen. Michela Palestra is the new deputy mayor of the metropolitan city of Milan, replacing Arianna Censi, new councilor for mobility of the municipality of Milan.

Mayor of Arese, Michela Palestra, mechanical engineer, born in 1973, maintains the delegation to the Environment and the presidency of the South Milan Agricultural Park, to which the delegation to Territorial Planning is now added.

With his own decree, the metropolitan mayor Beppe Sala has also called the elections for the renewal of the metropolitan council, which will be held on Sunday 19 December 2021. The council – the metropolitan city explained in a note – is composed of 24 members elected by restricted suffrage by the mayors and municipal councilors of the municipalities of the metropolitan city, with weighted vote.

Furthermore, in the session on Wednesday, the council approved the subrogation of the new metropolitan councilors following the elections of last October 3. Arianna Censi, elected with the list C + Milano Metropolitana, is replaced by Daniele Mandrini, municipal councilor in the municipality of Cernusco sul Naviglio. Alessandro Braga, elected with the civic list La Città dei Comuni, is replaced by Antonio Malfettone, councilor for culture, youth events and policies of the Municipality of Pantigliate. The seat of Marco Carrettoni, from the Movimento Cinque Stelle list, remains vacant due to lack of substitutes.


Michela Palestra deputy mayor metropolitan city

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