to burn fat and get back in shape

to burn fat and get back in shape
to burn fat and get back in shape

The Pomegranate Diet is excellent for losing 3-4 kilos within a few days, to return lighter and more purified. Let’s find out how it works
The pomegranate: why is it good for you? It is the ideal fruit to get back in shape thanks to its many properties, let’s discover them together
The pomegranate diet
Several scientific studies have shown that it is useful for the elimination of waste and toxins from the body (detox effect). Its diuretic and draining effect, in particular, is due to the high potassium content. Tasty, but above all rich in nutritional properties, pomegranate is the protagonist of a perfect diet for burning fat and filling up with antioxidants.
The Diet of the Pomegranate it represents an ideal compromise to keep faith with for a few days. All for the purpose of lose excess pounds thanks to the contribution of this delicious autumn fruit. This is the right time to shed some weight, since the big Christmas binges are now getting closer and closer. Pomegranate is very rich in essential nutrients for our body and helps us in many important processes, such as the fight against cellulite, water retention and cholesterol. In fact, many are hidden in its juicy pulp benefits that allow you to lose weight quickly. First of all, this fruit improves circulation, counteracting water retention and cellulite, lowers the cholesterol level and promotes tissue oxygenation, improving metabolism and counteracting the formation of fat pads.
It also improves metabolism and tissue oxygenation. Not to mention that it is great for burn fat. But the Pomegranate Diet itself is very low-calorie, for this reason it should not be prolonged for more than 3 or 4 days. Always ask a dietician or nutritionist for a consultation first and do not proceed further if you have various pathologies or are pregnant. Instead, it is better to integrate this diet withphysical activity and the intake of 2 liters of water per day. Below is the type menu to refer to.
This fruit also promotes an improvement of circulation e an acceleration of the metabolism, a reduction of fat deposits from critical points such as thighs and buttocks and acts as a natural supplement, which deflate the belly and allows you to reduce the waistline.
As if that were not enough, it also gives a younger, more toned and healthier appearance to the skin; in particular, its antioxidant effect is due to the high content of flavonoids, which counteract free radicals.

The Pomegranate: the ideal fruit to get back into shape
But let’s get to the properties that are important to those who have a few extra pounds. The pomegranate is the ideal fruit also and above all to improve the figure. It has a low caloric intake, only 83 kcal per 100 g, is mainly made up of water and is rich in vitamins and minerals. It has a proven positive action on fat reduction, thanks to the content of anthocyanins, tannins and antioxidants, as explained in the scientific article Obesity: the preventive role of the pomegranate, published by Al Muammae and Khan on PubMed. Consumed every day, the pomegranate juice helps control body weight and burn extra calories; in addition, the high fiber content promotes the sense of satiety after its intake.
Scientific studies on the matter
The team from Queen Margaret University of Edinburgh conducted an ad hoc study. A group of volunteers, who drank pomegranate juice every day for a period of 4 weeks, found a decrease in fatty acids in the blood and a consequent reduction in fat storage in the abdominal area.
The results of this research, published in the Journal of Nutritional Science, have important consequences not only on an aesthetic level, but also and above all for health, to fight obesity and prevent diabetes: those who suffer from it run serious risks for the health, including cardiovascular problems, sleep apnea, stroke, osteoarthritis, dermatological and gastrointestinal diseases.

The pomegranate diet to burn fat and get back in shape
How to best integrate pomegranate into your diet?
Given that before starting any diet you must consult a nutritionist, we can suggest different ways to consume this extraordinary fruit for 3 days a week dedicated to the pomegranate diet, offering some variations.
Pomegranate diet: scheme
– Breakfast: a low-fat yogurt without sugar with pomegranate grains / two rusks with a veil of sugar-free jam and a pomegranate smoothie / pomegranate juice and seasonal fruit / a slice of wholemeal bread with a teaspoon of honey and pomegranate smoothie
– Snack mid-morning and mid-afternoon: pomegranate juice / a pomegranate / an apple
– Lunch: brown rice with leeks and pomegranate, dressed with pomegranate juice and extra virgin olive oil / cous cous with pomegranate / salad of mixed vegetables and natural tuna and a pomegranate / spelled with pomegranate
– Price: chicken salad with pomegranate and an apple / chicken breast with mixed salad and a pomegranate / grilled swordfish with boiled vegetables and a pomegranate / pomegranate sea bass with grilled (or baked) vegetables and an apple
Doing some sport is always a help; if, in addition to this, alcohol is eliminated and salt and carbohydrates are reduced, while at the same time taking foods rich in proteins and drinking lots of water, the results will be noticed both in appearance and, above all, in the feeling of well-being that will derive from everyone the advantages that a diet rich in this fruit brings.

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