School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition, health passes from an innovative look

School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition, health passes from an innovative look
School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition, health passes from an innovative look

Also this year the symposium will be held to deepen the revolutionary approaches of international experts

Between scientific advances, innovative tools and new approaches, the medical sector is constantly making strides. The demonstration comes, for example, from the foundation, in 2018, of the School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition. Valentina Andrulli Buccheri and Manuel Salvadori they wanted to bring their skills learned in America to their home country. With the first symposium, held in Rome in 2018, they officially sanctioned the arrival of the treatment approach in Italy, with the support of the American Institute for Functional Medicine.


The mission
The School’s goal is promoting functional medicine and nutrition in Italy, as well as integrated approaches to patient health. If on the one hand it is true that classical medicine per se intervenes on the causes and not only on the symptoms, then we can say that functional medicine is the most successful approach in this regard. This is because it is based on some essential pillars, such as first of all the recognition that our body is on the one hand specific in its organs, on the other a system that works together. An example: treating the gut to cure an autoimmune disease.

This is an approach that is still too little followed, but it is very decisive in the practice of daily care. For this reason, the commitment of the School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition goes precisely in the direction of one diffusion of the innovative approach: events, online courses and symposiums are the way outlined by the School so that health personnel – in particular doctors, nutritionists and psychologists – can not only adopt the method, but can also be constantly updated on these progresses.



The appointment
Since 2018, the symposium of the School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition has been held once a year: professionals from all over the world – United States, Asia and New Zealand – bring on this occasion perspectives, research and techniques for integrated medicine. From innovative approaches on autoimmune diseases, such as action on nutrition, for example, to specific field insights.

This year the Symposium – with three days of discussion and sharing from 19th to 21st November – will see in particular the contribution of Stephen Porges. The psychiatrist will deepen during the seminar the polyvagal theory, a model that well expresses the objective of functional medicine, which goes to observe more specifically, compared to traditional medicine, the interactions between mind and brain.

Precisely because we are this “unicum”, keeping in mind the psychophysical complexity and possibly acting on certain factors allows us to improve not only trivially stressful situations, but also specific health conditions: from oncology, to autoimmune diseases, in short, to those traumatic conditions where the disease is not simply a suffering of the body.

And it is not a question of “flowing into the psychological”, as one might think perhaps in a negative sense, but rather of focusing on a very complete approach. “Functional” is a term that is too often believed to refer to an additional discipline, but it is instead an evolution of traditional medicine.



Specialized courses to innovate daily practice and international events

Expert teachers and trainers. Here is the secret of the approach

The conference on neuroinflammation will take place on 11 and 12 December in Rome
The activity of the School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition is carried out through the promotion and organization of highly specialized training courses, which allow figures operating in the health sector to innovate their daily care practice. This remains up-to-date in the field, constantly listening to the most recent scientific evidence.

The courses promoted by the School – be it the annual Symposium, the online training modules, or the one-year master’s degree – boast collaborations with expert trainers and teachers of the Institute for Functional Medicine, the leading accredited body of functional medicine, which sets the gold standard for training and clinical practice in the field globally. The conferences, in particular, represent a unique and extraordinary opportunity to explore specific issues.

The focus
In Rome, on 11 and 12 December, the first in-person event will finally be held after more than a year and a half. The international conference is organized by the School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition in collaboration with a European company. The focus will be on neuroinfiammazione, a condition of altered brain neurotransmission that can occur in conjunction with other pathologies. Different organs of our body become inflamed, including some areas of the brain: therefore, the specificity and its interaction with the complexity of the organism must be understood, to give life to a cure that acts on the trauma.



The action

An ever stronger network to spread the discipline
In America and in the rest of the world the word “Functional” refers to a very specific branch of medicine, but in Italy it cannot yet be said that this is really the case. The path for functional medicine and nutrition to be recognized in their specificity seems to have many steps ahead, because this is not yet as widespread as a methodology. It is in fact a real method. To fine-tune it, to move in the territories it explores, to constantly update it to the evidence of scientific research, and to listen to the human person as a whole, the School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition operates along the lines of its scientific committee.

The collaboration of its members such as Dr. Giovanna Pitotti, Livia Galletti, Dr. Shantih Coro and Enrico Bevacqua. The doctor Valentina Andrulli Buccheri and Dr. Manuel Salvadori today they manage the administration of the school they founded. The solidity of the institution then comes from the support of the two project managers, Marika Girardi and Marco Orecchioni.

With this structure, the School of Medicine and Functional Nutrition aims to be landmark for an ever stronger network among all those professionals who speak the language of this innovative approach, creating the fertile ground for many others to discover it, for a truly integrated medicine.

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