An open letter in defense of the Classic: “It is a training ground for life”

An open letter in defense of the Classic: “It is a training ground for life”
An open letter in defense of the Classic: “It is a training ground for life”

CASTIGLIONE DELLE STIVIERE. The debate on the need to relaunch classical studies at the “Francesco Gonzaga” institute is enriched by the words of a former student who, after attending the Classico in via Lodrini – an institution that inherits the history of Bellini – Pastor and Jesuit high schools – today, with an open letter, he encourages students to enroll in this course of study.

«Everyone usually asks:“ Why do the Classic? ”. I would propose to overturn the perspective by asking “Why NOT do it?”. Out of fear, fear, lack of desire, perhaps out of prejudice? If I had to briefly summarize what it represented for me I would say it was perseverance, because it teaches constancy, commitment and determination; passion that must be hidden beyond our every act and thought; potential because it eviscerates and gives expression to one’s own resources and inclinations, even to unexpected or perhaps latent ones. The classical high school has been a school and a training ground for life and by this I mean that it shares ups and downs, obstacles but also gratifications with all the experiences of existence; not always everything is easy and immediate, yet this is precisely the essence of pride and success ».

And again: «The choice you are called to make is a choice of responsibility, as it will shape you as a person, it will shape you as individuals with your own identity and independence. It will give you a wealth that you will carry within you, a treasure of your own to feed, of which the knowledge you learn on the benches is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg. The dreaded Classico is a high school, it implies study and commitment, but with a good dose of motivation it is not impossible. At the base there must be interest and dedication, beyond personal abilities ». And she concludes: «Today I can say that I am lucky: there are many memories that accompany me and make me proud to have opened that door a few years ago now … If I could go back to your age, I would make the same choice».

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