Against the flu and its annoying symptoms, some precious foods could help us

Against the flu and its annoying symptoms, some precious foods could help us
Against the flu and its annoying symptoms, some precious foods could help us

With autumn the infamous flu also returns. A seasonal disease that affects everyone. Sometimes it takes very little to get it.

It is usually quite debilitating and limits us in our days. Fever, cold, sore throat and joint pain are some of what its symptoms could be.

However, we could actually try to counter it with some precautions. Not only by paying attention to sudden changes in temperature, but also by favoring a specific diet.

Against the flu and its annoying symptoms, some precious foods could help us

According to what is reported by the Veronesi Foundation, prevention against the flu would start right from the table.

It would be important to consume 2/3 servings of vegetables a day in the diet. Such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and cabbage as they have an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action.

Of course you also recommend the other vegetables, among which peppers stand out. In fact, these would contain vitamins C and A which would be a real cure-all for our mucous membranes. They would reinforce them by creating a valid barrier against bacteria. In this regard, this delicious empty fridge recipe to be made with aubergine and pepper could be interesting.

Equally valid would be vegetables containing carotenoids as they are linked to the immune defense. These include pumpkin, spinach, beetroot, and carrots.

Faithful allies should also be the antiseptic properties of garlic and onion which would lend themselves well to fighting the hateful phlegm.

As we can already imagine, fruit containing vitamin C should not be missing naturally either.

Not just fruit and vegetables

The diet recommended by the Veronesi Foundation to prevent the flu is extremely varied.

Among the various foods there are fish, crustaceans and molluscs. As precursors of enzymes and hormones, they would help fight cold exposure stress. At the same time, however, they would also have essential fatty acids that would act as pain relievers. In addition, they would provide zinc and copper used in the immune response.

Two minerals present together with iron and vitamin B12 also in meat. Reason why small portions of beef, turkey and chicken would be recommended.

A valid alternative to take minerals as well as vegetable proteins would then be dried legumes.

In fact, iron is particularly important in defending us from coughs, sore throats and colds. Its intake would then be easier if lemon were used as a condiment for foods that contain it.

Speaking of condiments, vegetable oils would also be really useful, as their slow absorption would regulate body temperature and help against the cold.

For snacks or as an accompaniment, the ideal would be oil seeds. Like walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and others. They would provide vitamin E, anti-stress minerals but above all omega-3 fatty acids. The latter would help prevent joint inflammation.

Against the flu and its annoying symptoms, some precious foods particularly suitable for prevention could come to our aid.


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