No more sagging arms after 60 with these simple exercises to do at home

No more sagging arms after 60 with these simple exercises to do at home
No more sagging arms after 60 with these simple exercises to do at home

One of the most common and annoying blemishes after the age of 60 are the so-called curtain arms. With this singular expression we describe the drooping arms, due to a loss of muscle tone and elasticity of the skin. Curtain arms can be a real pain in the ass. There are no miracle creams to apply to solve the problem, the only solution is to firm our arms with targeted exercises. There is no need to spend money in the gym. A little persistence is enough and we will never have sagging arms again after 60 with these simple exercises to do at home without the need for any tools. Let’s see together what exercises they are and explain how to perform them correctly.

How to tone biceps and triceps at home

When we talk about arm muscles we can reduce everything (in a deliberately simplistic way) to biceps and triceps. These are the muscles that we are going to stimulate to solve the problem of the curtain arms. The biceps is the muscle that is located in the front of the arm and is basically divided into a long head and a short head. The triceps is located at the back of the arm and is also divided into lateral, medial and long head. The exercises that we will see work half the biceps and half the triceps. It is important to balance efforts to achieve symmetrical results. We can repeat each exercise for 3 or 4 sets, completing between 10 and 15 repetitions for each set.

No more sagging arms after 60 with these simple exercises to do at home

The first exercise is dedicated to the biceps and is called extreme lifting. While standing, we join the palms of the hands by turning the fingers down. Making a strong pressure of one hand on the other, slowly raise them up to chest height, then return to the starting position. The second exercise, again for the biceps, is the one-hand curl. While standing, we squeeze one wrist with the opposite hand by applying a fair amount of resistance on the arm. The purpose of the exercise is to overcome this resistance by bending the forearm over the elbow (the elbow must remain stationary). We repeat the exercise for both arms.

Let’s move on to the exercises for the triceps. Let’s start with the diamond push-ups, a revisited version of the classic push-ups on the arms. Lying on your stomach, place your knees on the floor and join your hands at chest height. Leaving the position of the hands unchanged, we push the chest away from the ground. We can simplify the exercise by leaning on a rise, or make it more difficult by pivoting on the feet and not on the knees. We close with the mini dip. Sitting on the ground, we place our heels and hands on the floor. We slightly detach the buttocks and perform pushups on the elbows, with which we approach and move away from the ground.

If some exercises are not clear, we can easily find the videos on the internet. We also repeat the exercises every day, but at least 3 times a week.


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