We do not want to become employees, no to the addiction of family doctors

by Fimmg Training, Als General Medicine

19 OTTDear manager,
we are 1500 general practitioners, doctors in training, newly affiliated or aspiring doctors who have been defending the value of the agreement for years; we are doctors who are not reflected in the vision of the dependent family doctor; we are doctors who do not reflect themselves in the role of paper passers; we are doctors who do not reflect themselves in the perspective of time dependent doctors, limited in resources, deprived of the FREE CHOICE that our patients make towards us; we are doctors who loudly affirm a decided NO to addiction, which would mark the end of general medicine.

At the base of our strength there is not a political role, but a social one as well as a health one; there is no role given to us by the “favor of darkness” but by the free, free and unlimited choice in time that each patient makes towards us every day.

For any other service of the NHS, patients do not have the possibility to choose the doctor (such as in the hospital) or if they want to choose it they have to pay him (intramoenia or privately) or if they want to be hospitalized in the accredited private sector, it is not the patients who choose. but often the structures themselves choose them according to the best remuneration for their condition (DRG).

We are the only real sector of the NHS that is fair to the extent that the patient who can choose us is already at the center before any economic interest. On this is based the power of the convention, trust: we are the doctors chosen by the patient, points of reference in relationships that last decades, the only safe and familiar faces.

We finally want to be able to demonstrate our skills, through health goals to be achieved, because the desire to do well has never failed. Because we are neither bureaucrats nor paper passers, but we are clinicians and we are the clinicians who know the patient best.

And it is to him that we would like to give more and more and better and better and this is denied to us.
When our work is compressed and constantly loaded by bureaucracy.
When we are not given the opportunity to better organize ourselves with the study staff.
When bargaining over the health goals we want to achieve is slowed down.
When the funds given to us by the Ministry of Health for first level diagnostics are blocked.
When mud is thrown on our figure to make us dependent on time and not on health.
When they want to take away the assistance as close as possible to your home so that anyone from the small mountain village to the big metropolis is given the opportunity to have their own doctor

We want to be able to contribute MORE AND MORE to the health of our patients, but not only.
We want to be able to contribute to relaunching the socio-economic fabric of our territories because it is there that we are born and it is there that we are linked for our entire professional life.

We would like to have the best tools to be able to invest in ourselves and in our profession, in our studies which are – as our convention says – presidia of the National Health System.

We do not want to become clerks, who, once their card is stamped, leave the patients to themselves; we don’t want to become a face among many.

We want to remain a point of reference for our clients and for this reason we are clamoring for the support of all our colleagues who for years have proudly defended a convention based on the principles of Proximity and Free Choice, as a solid foundation for building a new general medicine. , in the name of a shared future.

FIMMG Training
ALS General Medicine

October 19, 2021
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