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The goal, for which the Tuscany Region had hoped to respect the deadlines, was to be able to inoculate the first dose of the anti Covid vaccine to all over 80s by 25 April. A deadline that, according to the numbers of the immunization campaign, could easily be met. Currently, 85 percent of citizens between the ages of eighty and 89 have received the first dose of the vaccine. “Thanks to the work of family doctors we will achieve the maximum possible coverage for people over 80 years old – declared the president of the Region Eugenio Giani sui social- in the last 24 hours we have exceeded one million vaccinations in our region. The more vaccines arrive, the faster we are able to administer them, to return to normal soon. Courage Tuscany “.

A milestone also welcomed with great enthusiasm by Italian Federation of General Practitioners Tuscany (Fimmg) who, through a note, intends to thank “the colleagues who contributed to achieving the goal”.

“After a slow start due to the lack of vaccines – explain the Federation – general medicine, as soon as the doses were made available and despite the excessive bureaucracy and cumbersome administrative procedures related to the mere act of vaccination, showed its exceptional” firepower “obtaining results that are visible to all and that will allow the vaccination of over 80s to be completed with the second dose by May 15: all this was made possible thanks to the trust and proximity relationship that binds the doctor of family to his patients. At the same time, the Fimmg highlights a difficulty in registering vaccinated subjects in the vaccine registry, due to an inadequate and now obsolete computer system. Now we turn to our Region to quickly define an agreement, which simplifies and streamline the procedures, especially for the request of vaccines, in order to continue to use ere the capabilities of general medicine, creating a double channel (Company and General Practitioners) that quickly allows all Tuscan citizens to be vaccinated, especially the categories whose vaccination is crucial for reducing the mortality rate and hospitalizations “.


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